Friday 20th May 2011 – 'Captivated' (140/365)

I had been wondering if the day would ever come when he would sit and watch this, but I've tried him again and he's enthralled! Guess the film…

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  1. Mammywoo says

    Welcome to hell!! Lol only kidding.
    It's so lovely when they see something for the first time and love it! I love watching Addison get excited about Jessie! Enjoy!!x

  2. Mammywoo says

    Obviously that's number 1 and Jessie isn't it that but your know what I mean!
    You uncultured swine!! (see I know it word for word!)
    What you looking at you hockey puck!

  3. says

    We found that. If you show it to them again and again, eventually they will sit and watch it. Found it out with the Gruffalo which is a nice short film 🙂

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