I'll beg on their behalf…

I've had a brilliant week so far which is why I could be happy for others earlier when I saw the news about the finalists of the MAD Blog Awards.

I was particularly happy when I saw three names in there because I had nominated them in those categories, and it means I was right; they are fabulous.

Specifically, I am referring to:

I, amongst many others, nominated these three women because I adore their blogs for different reasons.

Thinly Spread is just amazing. I told Christine earlier on twitter that I wanted to go and live in her spare room, and it's true. The wonderful tales of family life that she tells just make me want to be the ultimate mummy; the übermummy. But I can't because she already is. I'm not telling you anymore, but if you don't know her blog then shame on you.

GhostWriterMummy is such an inspirational blogger. A primary school teacher, like Christine and myself, she speaks volumes to me on so many levels. Be it the project that she completed with her class on the Japanese earthquake, or the bravery behind her birth story, Susanne has made me confront my own inner demons and overcome them. Along with Jayne Crammond, she has established Maternity Matters, a site dedicated to raising the care that women experience before, during and after giving birth.

MammyWoo. Oh what can I say about Lexy and her sneezes? She is quite simply one of the most talented and endearing writers around on the blogs. If you don't believe me then you clearly haven't read about miming the need to purchase nappies in the middle of Spain, or about the need for mustard in her partner's sandwiches during labour. However, to experience Lexy at her very best then you must read It's only a day away! and I positively defy you not to laugh one second, cry the next, and then want to sweep her up and give her the most reassuring hug ever. I'm biased, she's my mate and I adore her, for good reason.

So while, I'm unashamedly flying the flag for these three ladies, I'll also beg for your votes for the following people. I don't want anyone else getting offended here if I don't mention you; I might not have ever come across your blogs so can't judge you. But these are my Inbox Delights. I may have to flip a coin for a couple of them…

Best MAD blog for Family Fun

Best MAD blog for family Life

Best MAD craft blog

Best MAD pregnancy blog

Most Inspiring MAD blogger

Best New MAD blog

Best MAD blog photography

Best MAD blog writer

Best MAD baby blog

Post of the Year

Please vote for whoever you see fit, don't be swayed by me.

Apart from for MammyWoo; you have to vote for her!

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