I've got an 'ology!

I am over the moon!

The Boy and me, and probably daddy too if we let him, have been chosen to be Toyologists for Toys R Us! This is huge and so so exciting. The process involved having to do a review of a toy that fell into one of three categories; we chose the outdoor play theme and reviewed the Little Tikes Makin' Mud Pies Kitchen. Amazingly and happily we were shortlisted along with 24 other lovely mums and dads.

Then last Wednesday evening, very late at night (it's when my brain works best much to hubby's discontent) I spent an hour and a half completing and submitting the comprehensive questionnaire explaining to Geoffrey Giraffe why we would be an ideal family to choose. I obviously managed to convince him because today at 12.08pm (ish) the lovely Toys R Us posted on their wall that we were one of the lucky ten families to be chosen! I had just got The Boy to sleep and was still holding him at the time, so I did a silent squeal of delight and gave him a celebratory kiss.

This now means that I get to be part of a lovely community of mummy, and daddy, reviewers who assist Geoffrey and friends in working out brilliant toys and helping to promote what has got to be the UK's biggest toy retailer. I was honoured to be shortlisted, now I am overwhelmed and so very proud.


It also means that I get to put this funky badge on my blog.



Final word from The Boy himself:



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  1. says

    WEE WAA WOO WAAA (Borat stylee noise of approval!) HOW cool is that – well done you! Insanely jelous obviousy but the cute video stopped me hating you 🙂 xx

  2. says

    Well done hunni, wish we'd got it too but just to make it to the last 25 was pretty special in itself.
    Look forward to reading your reviews – maybe we'll get to join you next year 🙂

  3. Spencey says

    Not had a chance to drop by until today. Congratulations on the ology! I bet you, like me, can't wait for the toys to rain down upon you! 🙂

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