Oh God, what have I done?

I've done this about ten times before and normally it's fine, but this time I think I've really screwed up? I cried, I actually cried. One half was perfect. If I could have stopped halfway, then I would have done, but of course you can't just leave a job half done can you? You've got to finish it, especially when it's hair. Especially when it's your precious child's hair and you don't want him looking like a muppet.

Which is exactly what he now looks like.

Oh God, what have I done?

My gorgeous boy's beautiful locks have gone. Hence today's Silent Sunday. I've tried taking him to the hairdresser's and the first time she did it brilliantly, the second time was horrendous; he looked like he had a pudding-bowl cut. So I had to tidy it up anyway.

He sat on daddy's lap watching our dvd of Poppy Cat and was really focused, especially when I gave him the spray bottle to take apart. The right hand-side was literally perfect, the back was brilliant although I always struggle with the nape of the neck. Then the boys switched sides so I could do the other side and that is when it all went tits-up. They were sat at an angle so The Boy was leaning, I cut from above rather than below and basically it was too short. At this point, I cried. I may have stopped my foot. I certainly had to get a grip and even up the other side. When I'd finished it was even, and the actual cut itself is ok.

But it's too short and I don't like it.

Problem is you can't stick it back on can you? Does it really look awful?

Thank the God of Hairdressing Scissors that it is four weeks today until his birthday and our photoshoot to celebrate it. By then it might be halfway decent, halfway back towards looking like this:

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  1. says

    I actually think I prefer it shorter I'm normally one who prefers longer hair on little boys but I still think his "short" cut is quite long anyway. He has a fringe, has some thickness to it, and it looks very neat.
    And we can see more of his gorgeous face!

    At least its not a skinhead!! (My pet hate on little boys)

    You WILL get used to it, I promise. x

  2. says

    Phew! I was a bit worried when I saw the word 'Snip' in your Twitter message. That has painful connotations for us men, you know! Lovely pics. We didn't cut our first boy's hair until he was about two. We thought he looked cute, but in hindsight, he looked a bit ridiculous. No wonder people pointed at us in the streets! Yours looks great either way.

  3. says

    I was exactly the same about 6 weeks ago – trimmed my 3yo's hair and cried after as it looked so short! But the next day I realised it was fine, it was just the shock. I think it looks lovely xx

  4. says

    I commented on your silent sunday post, saying I have a phobia about haircuts… and this post is EXSACTLY how I feel everytime any of mine get hair cuts- from the hairdressers or from my other half… (I simply couldn't ever bring myself to cut their hair myself!) I will have to do a post for you… I hate haircuts sooo much my boys go from short like your little mans is now, to long (and I mean REALLY long) because i won't let anyone cut it lol But I must admit after the innitial shock and 'OMG its too short' I do always think that actually short looks just as good, and your little boy looks so amazingly cute after his haircut I'm sure tomorrow you will feel much better about it 🙂

  5. says

    ah, he looks so grown up – perfect for his big boy photo shoot. If you find that it doesn't look quite right nearer the time then just let OH take him along to the barbers for a tidy up..I'm sure it will be fine though…..nothing that a little bit of gel wouldn't sort out
    He is gorgeous & he really suits that cut

  6. LondonBirdLucy says

    Hello, you've done a fine job, my eldest had long ringlets, so cute, I used to trim them, otherwise he'd look too feminine, one day I got slightly carried away and trimmed his hair on one side a little too much, it looked funny, so I tried to tidy it up. Again chopping more off. It looked better but I wasn't happy. I cried, he didn't care, his dad said he look great. I took him to the hairdressers the following day, were he went from toddler to little boy in minutes. I miss his curls. But he is still the same cheeky little monkey 🙂

  7. Jennypaulin says

    Awww must saw this again on your linked in – look at how different he looks here? What a BIG difference a year makes x

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