Who? Me?

Really? Oh WOW!

Or should I say the other relevant three letters here? No, not OMG (although they are highly applicable here, possibly insert another letter in there). I mean T, R and U.




Let me explain myself because I know that I'm wittering, which makes a change from twittering! Ha ha!

A few weeks ago, I saw that the toy giant that is otherwise known as Toys R Us, were running a competition to find new Toyologists. For those in the know you will understand how coveted a role this is. For those who are wondering if I've come over all Beatty ("he's got an 'ology!" Showing my age? Never mind) then I shall explain. A toyologist is an individual or family who are selected specifically by Toys R Us to receive and review several boxes of toys, feedback to the company, and provide advice to other families about which toys are good to play with, and those to avoid. It is an amazing opportunity.

I spent a week or so gathering photos and videos together in order to review The Boy's favourite outdoor toy, and I had it all written in my head. Then the Easter holidays came to an end and I had to go back to work and found myself facing the deadline with no entry! Eeek! I stayed up late that night, completely ignored the schoolbooks waiting to be marked and the planning that needed to be done for the next day ("Class, today we're researching on the laptops" is always a good standby lesson), and managed to get my submission in 10 minutes before the deadline.

Yesterday on twitter I received a tweet saying "Congratulations for being shortlisted!" My head was full of hyperlinks, inserting videos, slide transitions and animations (guess what I'm teaching Year Six at the moment) and so I was a little confused and had to ask for further explanation. I almost choked on my sandwiches when I found out what I was being congratulated for. I've been shortlisted for the TRUToyologist competition! I was completely and utterly overwhelmed, and distracted for the entire afternoon.

It transpires that out of 150 entries they like my review of the Little Tikes Makin' Mud Pies Kitchen enough to put me on the shortlist of 27; ten of us will be chosen. I am beside myself with excitement and anticipation; even as I type this the adrenaline is racing around my body. How amazing would it be to be chosen to represent Toys R Us? Hence staying up 'til nearly 1am last night completing the questionnaire that they sent me. Well I figured it was a lucky time of day to do it after the review success.

Even if I'm not chosen, I truly am honoured to be shortlisted, especially alongside my twit-friends The Crazy Kitchen, Multiple Mummy and EdSpire, Inside The Wendy House; and other lovely mummy-bloggers Mummy of 3 Diaries, Would like to be a Yummy Mummy and Susan K Mann.

Wish me luck; we find out on Monday!

P.S. I really like giraffes!

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    Hope you get the role. For you and anyone else who loves putting the latest toys through their paces, we're always looking for reviewers at twitter.com/Meccano_uk thanks!

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