Review: Teddy Hunt

The Boy's favourite bedtime book has changed to this simple, yet lovely, story book from Marks and Spencer.

Teddy Hunt is a traditional 'life-the-flap' book which features a little boy (looks like The Boy) trying to find his teddy bear, called 'Spencer' (not sure if the main character's name is Mark), in order to have a picnic with him. He searches around his garden to try and find him and manages to find a lot of his other toys, but not Spencer. En route he collects up all the other toys in his wagon who are able to share in the eventual picnic. You'll never guess where Spencer was hiding all the time!

The Boy adores this book and he has made us read it repeatedly every single for the past three weeks. He now knows it really well, enough to show you how fabulous a book it is himself.


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  1. jennie says

    This is great! I have just set up my own You Tube channel to start vlogging and doing video reviews! Very exciting. Aren't we brave? Your boy is adorable x

  2. Katie aka mummydaddyme says

    That is lovely and the boy is incredibly cute! Daddy's voice is so soothing, I need him to send my daughter to sleep lol! He sounds like he could be a childrens narrator!! X

  3. Msissa says

    Ooh, he's a clever little chap! I've read that book *to death* with my niece, but still lOve it ๐Ÿ™‚

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