A Right Royal Knees Up

I have managed to avoid everything to do with the Royal Wedding. I mean everything. No news, magazines, newspapers, television programmes. I'm not entirely sure if this is something to be proud of, or if it highlight the fact that I am out of touch with up-to-date general news?

Nonetheless, I decided that we would be acknowledging the union of William and Kate (if she's a Catherine, why is her shortened name spelt with a 'K' and not a 'C'?) by inviting over my parents to watch the ceremony and have a party lunch. Well ok, dad and hubby were going to be busy in the garden, but mum, The Boy and I would be watching the ceremony. And we'd have a very 1950s style party lunch.

So this morning, I stuck up the single strange of bunting that I'd bought, fished out the napkins and made a crown with The Boy. My mum turned up with a whole load of food on top of what I'd bought. I had a minor sulk that my plans were hijacked but as it so happens, this was a good thing because the lunch would have been a little too sweet otherwise! Somehow for two blokes who didn't want to sit and watch the ceremony, dad and hubby certainly managed to admire the convoy or guests going in, the arrival of Kate and most of the actual vows. Hmm…

After we'd watched the ceremony in dribs and drabs (thank God for Sky+), and The Boy had woken from his nap, we scoffed our way through lunch; both the proper food and my party offerings. Dragging ourselves back into the living room, we all ooh-ed and aah-ed (aside from The Boy who wondered what we were going on about) over their balcony kiss, followed by grandad educating the apple of his eye on the types of planes in the fly-by.

A good day, a beautiful ceremony and some scrummy food!

I'd like to take credit for the ice-cream cone/cupcake idea that you see above, but it is brainchild of Helen at The Crazy Kitchen.

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    Those photos are absolutely beautiful 🙂 I am yet to blog about our celebrations but I'm glad you acknowledged it. The boy will be able to talk about this when he's older

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