ShowOff ShowCase: The One That Should Have Done Better

This weekend is your opportunity to flaunt yourself in people's faces. That's not an offer that you get every day so I'd take me up on it if I was you!

I've decided to repeat the theme of:

The One That Should Have Done Better

Because actually we have all got those posts that just didn't get the viewings or the comments that it truly deserved. Don't leave those poor posts being teased and taunted in the corner of the blog-posts' playground by the stat-breakers. It's not their fault that they were published on a Bank Holiday or when people were experiencing blog-apathy. They don't deserve to feel inadequate, not when they've done nothing wrong.

This Saturday brush them off, stick my badge at the bottom of the post and show them off for everyone to see. Don't be ashamed of them, help them hold their heads high and shout at everyone: I SHOULD HAVE DONE BETTER!

ShowOff Showcase

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