Tara has been kinder this week than she has been for the past few themes she's set us.

The theme is: Green.
The UK has been quite simply stunning this month. The sun has shone, the fauna is flourishing and it looks and feels like summer. Everywhere is so lush and lovely and, well, green! So go find me green. Of course it absolutely doesn't have to be the outdoors; anything, as long as it's green.

Having been criticised by my own husband for having such a wordy entry a few weeks ago, I shall let the photo speak for itself this week.

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  1. KatieB says

    I love your photo's, I think I have the same camera as you, if only I had the eye for photography you had! x

  2. jennie says

    WOW! What a wonderful photo! Love the enormity of the flower, the speclk of green against tne imposing purple. Fab x

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