Movie Meme: Horror Films

Oh no! Quite frankly, NO!

Hannah, how could you? I knew it was coming sooner or later, but this theme is the worst one for me. I was quivering behind a cushion just reading your notification e-mail earlier. I am a big scaredy-cat. Years ago, a male friend and I went to see The House on Haunted Hill in the cinema and I spent the entire film hiding behind his shoulder. Six people got up and left the cinema because they found it so scary. He was a bit freaked out himself, and I had nightmares that night. For weeks after I had to sleep with the light on, and I still can't think of it without freaking out.

Hang on, I'll be back in a moment; I need to go and watch some Mr. Tumble to calm down…

Ok, back now.

Right, having been reassured that I was allowed to just choose a film that gave me a surge of adrenaline, I am choosing this little gem:

The Frighteners

This has got to be Michael J. Fox at his best. He's not being a goofy teenager who thinks he's cool but fails miserably (Back to the Future, TeenWolf). This is him as an adult, acting an adult role of a man whose wife was killed in an accident when the car he was driving crashed off a road.

As a result of this crash, he was left with the interesting side-effect of being able to see ghosts and consequently has made his living since being a very overdramatic, and fake, exorciser of unwanted spirits. It's fake because there are never unwanted spirits, he enlists the help of three friendly ghosts to create the effects in the house. He's rumbled as a fake, and therefore has great difficulty convincing anyone of the true culprit of the murders which are prevalent in his home-town.

The only problem is that these murders are almost exact replicas of a murder spree decades before; the victimshave a number carved into their foreheads. The original culprit was convicted and received the death sentence.

So who on Earth is killing these people now?

You have to watch it!

Oh and it's directed by Peter Jackson, there you go: even more reason to watch it!

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  1. Hannah says

    I'm just chuffed that you entered. I know how much you've been dreading this genre. Hence why I've put it off for so long!

    This film completely rocks. I have it on DVD and love it so much x

  2. says

    I am not sure I remember this?!! Hmmm but I can't watch the trailer as it's only me and my little boy here. I am still wimpy enough I can't DO horror films on my own. I have to turn them off quick if they come on the tv and I am alone….x

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