Competition: NIP + FAB Frown Fix

I'm rather aware that I'm knocking on a bit now, what with being the grand old age of 33. In addition, I'm a mother, wife and teacher. All of these things can lead to frowns occuring on a daily, possibly even hourly, basis! I've discovered that pushing my skin back down and trying to smooth down my eyebrow furrows doesn't really work, which I think is a bit inconsiderate.

So when I was approached to review the brand new NIP + FAB Frown Fix, I metaphorically bit the hand off of the kind soul offering. You may have seen NIP + FAB in the beauty pages of the national newspapers and glossy magazines. If you haven't then you've not been paying attention properly. The range of products is amazing, including a Tummy Fix and a Cellulite Fix, and is coveted by many a celebrity from Alexandra Burke through to Jennifer Aniston. To top it all off, they are launching the Frown Fix as we 'speak' so I feel a little bit special in having the opportunity to review it!

The Frown Fix which I have to try comes in a neat little tube, similar in size to a mascara so it can fit nicely in your make-up kit. One end opens up to show a little brush, the other twists to push the formula up. The description on the box says 'Frown fix is a concentrated formular designed to plump and smooth the appearance of expression lines, fine lines and wrinkles.' And hopefully my furrows caused by people who stress me out!

I followed the instructions to 'brush directly onto clean skin to target expression lines around eyes, forehead and mouth', although I didn't need it around the mouth (clearly I don't smile enough!). It is incredibly smooth, doesn't sting or feel tight (or any other unpleasant sensation) and just gently works subtly. The research indicates that 'the effects are instant (within a couple of minutes), but everyday use also results in a cumulative effect so lines become permanently more visible. Clinical tests on the active ingredient has shown a reduction in wrinkles of up to 50% over a 60 day period.'

I'd call it botox in a tube, but that sounds derogatory to Frown Fix as it doesn't render you incapable of showing expression. Don't even think of it as polyfilla. Consider it a magic wand to indicate that you are a young and carefree woman! It could just be your new BFF!

I am giving FIVE of you lucky individuals the chance to win a NIP + FAB Frown Fix (which retail for £10.25 each in Boots and Harvey Nichols don'cha know).

In order to be in with a chance of winning, please do all of the following things:

  1. Tell me in the comments box whether you are going to be using it fill the laughter or frown lines, and who causes them!
  2. 'Follow' NIP + FAB on twitter or 'like' on Facebook
  3. Tweet the following message:

"I've entered to win a @NipandFab Frown Fix on @TheBoyandMe's blog"

Please only leave one comment to tell me that you've done these things. You won't be getting more entries if you leave separate comments!


The competition will end on Monday 9th May 2011 at 8pm. I will draw five winners using and notify them by e-mail, I will need a reply by Wednesday 11th May 2011 at 8pm or I will redraw. Open to UK entrants only please.


I have been provided with a tube of Frown Fix for the purpose of this review, which is as always honest and my own opinion. No other reward was given.

To see the winners, please click here.

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  1. says

    Thanks for this! Have followed on Twitter and tweeted. I've go a frown line between my eyebrows from making my 'concentrating face'. Now I've started blogging a bit more regularly and reading so many great blogs, it's got really deep! I would use the frown fix on that!

  2. says

    I'm entering. Just turned 30 and reeling from it…..!

    I shall be using it right in between my eyebrows, where years of frowning has caused a crease that my mean boy cousins lovingly referred to throughout my teens as my "Zambezi gorge" (a phrased coined while on holiday in Zimbabwe…. they tortured me!!!!!!)

    Thanks for the chance! x

  3. says

    I'm following on Twitter & have tweeted.
    I think I need all 5 tubes of this to fill in the laughter & frown lines, all caused by 3 certain little people!

  4. Nicky Benton says

    Am following Nip & Fab on both facebook and twitter.
    If I win I will use it on both laughter and frown lines cause by my 6 year old and all the kids at the school I volunteer at. Honest its the kids and not the fact that I'm 40'ish.

    Have also tweeted @kniknaxnjj

  5. Ashleigh says

    i already follow nip and fab on twitter and have tweeted too as @ashlallan. I would use them for laughter lines from the fun i get playing with my kids!

  6. FionaLynne Edwards says

    I'll use this Fab product on my laughter lines – as I get older, they get deeper – but it won't stop me from laughing!

  7. FionaLynne Edwards says

    Sorry – forgot to say I've tweeted @feefeegabor (am Fee Edwards MSE on Facebook).

  8. Cheryl Seddon says

    I've tweeted @GAarcade. I'll be using this to hopefully get rid of my lines around my mouth before I get married in December then hopefully I'll be smiling and laughing so much that day, that I can then use your product to get rid of those lines :-))

  9. liz denial says

    I am a fan on facebook & I shall be using the Nip+Fab for laughter lines as my philosophy in life is 'if you see someone without a smile give them yours' & as I'm disabled my only form of exercise is laughtercise which is great fun, it's like jogging on the inside 🙂

  10. Zorena Shanks says

    Well I will definitely use it. I have two frown lines between my eyebrows caused but my lovely son who was a wee terror when he was younger. Needless to say he is now older and not a terror anymore but poor me has been left with my hideous frown lines

  11. joanne says

    i already follow you on twitter and have tweeted @Runnerduck22

    i will be filling the laughter lines from living in a household that is chaotic but full of laughter and fun!

  12. Christina says

    I am following on Twitter and Tweeted @chrissycn11. I have both laughter and frown lines thanks to my two little boys who are always up to something!!

  13. Rhonda says

    I will be using it for laugher and frown lines, my partner causes them both, can make me laugh and frown (sometimes at the same time when he tells a bad joke lol)

    I've followed you on Twitter and tweeted (@snowted) and I've liked you on Facebook (Tink Lee)

  14. Fiona Martin says

    I so need this for my frown lines (for the stress of all the housework and running round after my 2 little ones) but I also need this for my laughter lines from the fun times I have with my children – they make me smile and laugh at the smallest but funniest things!

    I've liked on twitter and Facebook.

    I've tweeted the link.


  15. Dawn Costen says

    Already like and follow Nip + Fab on FB and Twitter 🙂

    I will be using it for frown lines…I clearly don't smile enough either as I have far more frown lines than laughter ones!
    And it would be my 6 year old that causes my frown lines! Shall we say she is going through a bit of difficult patch at the mo! :S

    Tweeting as @DawnCosten…FB'ing as Dawnie Cotlin

    Thank you 🙂

  16. Jemma Broadstock says

    Frown lines! I went through a rough few years where people didn't except me for who I was. They gave me the frown lines that I want to cover up and forget about. I'd never want to cover up my laughter lines. They show my character and they remind me of the good times!

    Followed and tweeted 🙂

  17. Solange Thomas says

    I think I need all 5 tubes to fill in the laughter lines caused by 3 certain little people!

  18. Heather Shaw says

    laughter lines! Caused by hubby and childen 🙂

    Follow on FB and Twitter

    And tweeted 🙂

  19. Joanne B says

    Both! My kids always turn my frown upside down, although they are usually the cause of the frown in the first place!


    I already follow nip & fab on twitter & FB
    have tweeted too (@josie301)

    Thanks Jo

  20. F Walter says

    Have liked on facebook and tweeted.
    I'd like to say they would be used to fill frown lines but with 4 month old twins and a 2 year old, I find myself laughing a lot- so they must be laughter lines? Or lack of sleep lines. Would love to win this!

  21. says

    I like them on twitter and have tweeted for you.
    My little girl makes me grin one minute and frown the other. She's nearly 2 so I guess I still have a few years of that naughtiness ahead of me.


  22. sandra henderson says

    I like on FB and follow on twitter @sandigled-i`ll use it for frown lines worst luck and its because iv just had my hair cut off short and its a disaster and i can stop frowning now 🙁

  23. susan doran says

    a mixture of both laughter and frown lines,laughter lines my children,frown lines everyday stresses. i have liked on facebook and will try to tweet on twitter when i can figure it out…… see your causing me more frown lines now lol

  24. Angela moore says

    I've tweeted and following on Twitter.

    Have to be laughter lines for me, well after all lifes to short to be anything else.


  25. Karen Painter says

    I blame my laughter lines on my old mum – she used to tell me 'a smile costs nothing and might just brighten someone's day'….what she didn't tell me is that I'd get laughter lines!!!

    I've followed and tweeted @bruniebox

  26. joanne saunders says

    i blame the laughter lines on my family lol they dont stop telling silly jokes etc. My mum always says a smile doesnt cost anything, well i have something to say to her yes mum it really does lol also i have to admit i have frown lines well not as bad as the hubby but yes they do show (i dont know where these come from i dont frown;) ive followed and tweeted @5aucy5aud3r5

  27. vicky morton says

    I will be using it to fill the laughter lines which my 3 children cause they are always making me laugh with daft things they do!
    I have followed and tweeted on twitter @vickyd4v3
    Thanks for giveaway

  28. sarah allcoat says

    Thanks for the lovely giveaway. I would be filling in the great amount of laughter lines that I seem to have developed watching and experiencing all the calamities and frivolities involved in being a mum!!

    I followed and tweeted

    @medsdemon xx

  29. foz says

    Ooooh excellent giveaway! I have recently noticed lines around my eyes! Better nip them in the bud before they become too deep setted! I am pretty sure I can thank my husband and my 14 year old brother for them! I am following you on facebook! 🙂 x

  30. zoe allen says

    Mine will definately be frown lines im afraid, caused by my 2 year old daughter who insists on drawing on every piece of furniture we own! And whats worse is we havent been able to get it off!

    I follow nip and fab on twitter and facebook

    And have tweeted as @zoenmya

  31. Kerry Robertson says

    Id use it to fill in my smile lines, everyone always says im way too smiley and now im paying for it! have tweeted (nurselottatang) and following on FB

  32. sarah m says

    i would have to use it on my frown and my laughter lines,although more needed on the frowns i think.follow on twitter and facebook @twitsarahtwit and have tweeted giveaway.thankyou

  33. Emma Oldfield says

    I am following and have re-tweeted @emmalouise81x

    I would use it to fill the frown lines I've had since I was a teenager. I was a very serious child!

  34. says

    I have both – laughter lines near the eyes & frown lineson the forehead. Following & tweeted @ericahughes

  35. Heather Gutowski says

    I shall fill in the laughter lines as I have acquired so many over the years. I try not to frown, so they must be laughter ones! That's a gift from my children.
    Following on twitter.
    I have tweeted the message.

  36. Kerrie Vella says

    definate frown lines, i frown constantly without realising it! i have liked in Fb and following on twitter @kemo_2002

    Tweeted also!

  37. Emma Smith says

    I've done as requested above
    I'm hoping to use this cream on the laughter and smile lines I'll have when I've found out I've won!


  38. Jennifer Turnbull says

    I would use this to fill in the frown lines caused by my ex husband and the laughter lines caused by my present husband, however I'll probably need a constant supply of it because he makes me smile all the time.
    I have followed and tweeted.

  39. Lorna says

    I'll be using this to fill in laughter lines, I love life and try to laugh about most things, frowning only makes you miserable 🙂
    Followed and tweeted @ellielucky
    Liked on FB too 🙂

  40. Allan says

    I tend to frown a lot, especilly when politics is concerned.
    Follow on twitter and like on facebook.
    Tweeted @alsmonster

  41. Jane says

    I will be using it to fill in my ;aughter lines, have quite a lot of those from laughing at the most inappropriate moments – I just find so many things funny!

    Following on twitter and tweeted @felixisfriend
    Also like on facebook

  42. Alice Hindley says

    I'm following on Twitter & have tweeted

    I'll use to fill in my frown lines caused by a certain lovable but terrible twosome

  43. Kelly Hooper says

    I definitely need this to fill in the frown line caused by 14 years of my husband refusing to listen to reason! following on twitter @lilysmum2008

  44. Cheryll Hastie says

    Definately would use it to fill the laughhter lines – you have to when you have (nearly – 2 months to go!) 3 under fives!!! I'm @pipersky1 and have completed all steps… good luck everyone x

  45. Sarah Anguish says

    I will be using on bothe laughter and frown lines causes by my two children

    I follow on Twitter and Facebook

    I have tweeted @littleboo_21

  46. Kirsty Caffrey says

    I will use if to fill in frown lines caused by frowning at hubby and the laughter lines from my two gorgeous little boys who constantly make me laugh and smile x

    I am following on Twitter and Facebook.

    Tweeted the message – @KJaybaby1

  47. Joanne Blunt says

    My children cause both my frown and laughter lines. I've got 3 boys under 5 and they can be very trying at times, though also give me more smiles than I though possible.
    I already like NIP + FAB on Facebook and follow them on twitter.
    I have tweeted as @joanneblunt

  48. Kirsty Fox says

    I would be using it for both, my frown lines from when I am frowning at my two litttle boys for making a mess and my laughter lines for when they say something funny to justify all the mess they made!

    Have tweeted – @bloomingfox

  49. Nicole S. says

    Laugh Lines, my husband keeps me in stitches so I have a few! Have liked on Facebook and twitter @nikkiopia, also have tweeted!

  50. Sally W says

    Going to go for the frown lines I think – the laughter lines just show that I try to be a generally smiley person 😉 Both lots of lines are contributed to by my 2 toddlers and dear husband – but that's life!

    @mselts on twitter

  51. Stuart O says

    Have a little go at both lots of lines I think, the frown lines have definitely been brought about by the pressures of coping with redundancies and money worries, lets hope it's sorted out soon.

    @ossiesheep on Twitter.

  52. lucy says

    got to be the frown lines coz i have an awful habit of frowning/ squinting in the sun and now its starting to show 🙁
    have followed on fb and twitter and retweeted too

  53. Sarah Williams says

    Hi I've tweeted @SarahTweetsYu and I have already been a friend on FB for a will. I'm using their Bust & Decollete Gel and the moment which is Fab 🙂

  54. kim mayhead says

    I will be using the frown fix to help my frown lines. I frown because i think i really need my eyes tested.