How Egg-citing!

Last year, Easter was a bit non-consequential for us; The Boy was too young to appreciate anything to do with it, besides not having any chocolate until he was one years old (something that didn't happen until June). Therefore this year was going to be different.

Hubby started the day well, he managed to take the hints from twitter and got me these.

I felt slightly guilty because he had a Mint Aero Easter egg in exchange. However, The Boy chose it by shouting "Daddy! Egg!" in the middle of Asda and reaching out and grabbing it. When this was explained, all guilt was instantly diminished!

We then gave The Boy his Easter egg, it was a Zigzillas one with a mini xylophone and a mini tambourine in. Not that that mattered, as you can see!

Having stayed up 'til half past midnight making the structure of The Boy's Easter basket ready for his Easter Egg Hunt, he helped me decorate it this morning before he went back for his nap.

Then after lunch, we had our Easter Egg hunt. It took a while for The Boy to get the hang of it, and actually resulted in daddy having to hide the eggs repeatedly throughout the remainder of the afternoon. However, we all had great fun!

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  1. @Somethingblue_2 says

    It looks like The Boy had a fantastic day. I mustn't wish the time away but I can't wait till JW is old enough to appreciate an Easter egg hunt! Very jealous of you getting Hotel Chocolat goodies too – can you get your Hubby to give Mr Smith some tips?! 😉 x

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