Musical Memories: Sizzling Summer

Clearly Sabina over at Deep In Mummy Matters has been getting all hot under the collar with this scorching weather that we've been having. She's looking forward (or should it be backward?) to the summer and remembering fabulous summers of the past.

So the theme this week is Sizzling Summer!  What tune takes you back to the summers of old?

I knew instantly the memory, or should I say memories, that I was reminded of. It was the summer that I first discovered my teenage freedom with my best mate (I was a late-developer). I can picture us now walking down the local country parks to spend the afternoon sunbathing, getting beeped at or a few glances from teenage boys. Ah, those were the days when my legs were decent!

The song was popular for more than it's original 1991 release date, I personally feel that it cropped up for most of the summers of the 90s, especially when I discovered public houses and their alcoholic contents!

So cast your mind back to the mid 90s when the singer/rapper was not the international film star that he is now; he was merely a gawky kid from Philly with a weird mate who didn't seem to talk. Go on, you know you want something to break the monotony. Maybe a barbeque that's starting at 4?


Fresh Prince DJ Jazzy Jeff – Summertime by oublierleracismeskyblog
Apologies for the rubbish quality, but Sony have forbidden Youtube to allow embedding!

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Musical Memories

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