Musical Memories: Moonlight Sonata

Ha! I lied, that's not the music that this post is about.

The song that I am choosing as my first musical memory does involve night-time illumination though.

Hubby and I met in 2000 and one of the biggest songs that year was "Dancing in the Moonlight" by Toploader. We had a couple of songs that meant something to us, but this was an anthem of the year; one we both adored and would turn up to belt it out at the slightest opportunity. I'm pretty damn sure we weren't the only ones.

It took on new meaning for me though when one night in July 2001, after the cinema, my then-boyfriend and I decided on a moonlit stroll along the beach. Yes it was Barry Island, but you lot have really got to get over your impression of it. It's a stunning sandy beach!

So there we were, strolling along under the midnight blue velveteen sky, a waxing moon high in the sky casting diamonds and sapphires over the sea which gently crashed onto the shore. And yes, he proposed to me. And yes I accepted. We married four months later (I don't like waiting for things).

When our friends got married in August 2004, this was one of the songs played at the disco and it was coincidentally the first time that hubby and I had ever danced together (we don't do dancing). It's also the only time that we have ever publically danced since, we've got four left feet between us and can't possibly stand for that lvel of humiliation ever again!

It's still one of my favourites; I consider it our song because it reminds me of the early days and the night we got engaged.


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Musical Memories

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    Everyone has picked songs which I love so this isn't a stock reply but I really love that song. It always makes me feel really happy and actually brings back memories of a shopping trip. It came on when I was in TopShop and I just started dancing (I have no shame!) I love music so much I can't help but dance along to it.

    Thank you for joining in x

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