Sunny Day

Is there anything better in life than this?

Sitting on the back doorstep, watching my beautiful and clever 22 month old (today!) son playing with his new garden toy. "pa(s)ta gone, wheel round-a-round, wa(t)er splash down, pwane sky, sun-ny… day, pour pour pour!" The birds chirruping in the trees, gentle Spring breeze blowing through the bamboo and zebra grass, windchimes gently swaying, planes zipping through the sky, children shrieking with delight. The sun's gentle caress is trying to convince my milky-white legs to convert to a more sociable shade of cream, while coaxing the moisture out of The Boy's mini-clothes on the whirly-gig.

I love Spring!

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  1. Lajw79 says

    The joys of spring! I'm covering my lobster look-a-like legs up today though as I watch my daughter discovering that skipping ropes can be used to whip younger brothers….urgh

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