'What I did on Saturday', or 'Why my feet are still killing me'.

About a year and a half ago, I joined my local baby and toddler group. I truly believe that it was my saving grace at a time when I think I may have been heading into the slippery slope of PND. Having a group of mummies who hosted coffee sessions three times a week, who told you that it was ok to bottle-feed and not use controlled-crying, and who were there for a laugh and a joke, was invaluable.

Our group is dual-purpose: a social and support community, but we also raise money for local playgroups, etc. Our major fundraisers are the Nearly New Sales that we have twice a year. In my enthusiasm and newbie wisdom, I volunteered for the role of co-ordinator at last year's AGM. Little did I realise what a daunting task it was!

However, through a team of brilliant helpers we had an amazing response from all the people who came to the sale. We had 331 people through the doors in the hour and a half we were open, which broke the record from the previous sale by 90! The queue trailed down the block and around the corner. And I'd been worried about publicity. I've yet to work out if we've broken the record for the amount we've raised, but we weren't left with much to sort out at the end of the day.

I personally managed to bag quite a few bargains: the Happyland space rocket for £4 being the one that I was really pleased with, as a few weeks before I had thought about buying it for £30.

Here is my stash from the sale, total cost? £31.

For me, Nearly New Sales are essential for several reasons:

  • it recycles unwanted toys, meaning there is not more unnecessary plastic in the landfill sites.
  • it acts as a toy-swap shop. Just because the toys are a year old and little Johnny doesn't play with it anymore, it does not mean that it won't be someone else's best loved toy.
  • it helps parents make money out of unwanted toys, clothes and equipment.
  • it raises money for local children's play facilities.

The next time you see a Nearly New Sale being advertised please think about either selling there or popping along and buying, you could be saving yourself a small fortune!

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  1. Mcai7td3 says

    Wow, look at that stash! I wonder if they have anything local to where I live, I'll have to have a look!

  2. says

    That's a fabulous stash. Aaron needs some new toys as he is outgrowing his, in the sense that he is getting more clever everyday and needs more stimulation now.
    He loved that toy (of Edward's) in my Silent Sunday post.
    Thank you very very much for your comment on the video.
    I edited the footage and the photo together 🙂

  3. says

    I never realised you were involved with NCT – shame on me! Or shame on you (lol) for not saying it enough.

    The NCT is all of the things you have said above and much more – a lifeline for some Mums n Dads.

    The Nearly New Sales are usually the biggest fundraiser for branches and so it's a good job they are well attended. They benefit all that go, all that sell and the reason we get so many volunteers to help (who at Chorley & Leyland branch get the perk of choosing first) is because it's all about the NCT: fundraising, networking, parent friendly and of benefit to all parents.

    Well done on your success and well done for bagging a bargain while helping out – put your achey feet up and start sorting your stuff for the November Sale, lol.

    Chorley & Leyland NNS is on 7th May and everyone is welcome!

  4. says

    wow, you got some great bargains there. I picked up the ELC garage at our school Xmas Fair for the bargain price of £3 & it included 3 cars & a helicopter. I love these sales.

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