Listography – Laminated List

The clever and witty Kate from KateTakes5 has come up with a corker this week. Think of Friends and the episode when Ross meets Isabella Rosselini and declares that she is on his 'list'. As Kate describes it:

'Basically he's allowed to make one list of five famous women that he would be allowed to have a one night stand with if the unlikely opportunity arose.'

And so despite being absolutely exhausted, I have just got to share my Top Five Blokes.

  • Orlando Bloom

  • Johnny Depp

  • Spike from Buffy

  • Keanu Reeves

  • Noah Wyle

I have two things to say:

a) They are all just so phwoargh-some, theirbeauty speaks for itself, I need no words.

b) I appear to have a type: dark hair and dark eyes (with the exception of Spike whose hair is dark naturally).

Now pop over to Kate's Listography using the linky on the left-hand side to check out the other links.

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    • TheBoyAndMe says

      He's my baby-faced option, Dr. Carter from 'ER'. That one is more of a personality shining through. It was him or Gary Barlow 😉

    • TheBoyAndMe says

      Noah Wyle is lovely in a man-next-door kinda way. Not my man next door because he's mid-50s with a 12-month pregnant beer-belly.

  1. says

    I'm impressed and I like you a bit more now too (joke… kind of… but I like your choices so you get brownie points).

    Anyway, great choices. Johnny is my number 1. Always has been – even since I was a kid in senior school. He was plastered all over my folders and stuck on firmly with sellotape.

    Orlanda is hot stuff. I didn't care for him until the POTC movies but he really is quite sexy.

    I actually REALLY loved James Marsters in Buffy. He was a great character and behind the platinum hair, he's really quite nice. I like the chiseled features too, I think.

    Keanu is okay. He was lovely back in the 90's/00's, but I don't dig him so much these days. Noah Wyle… you can have him 😉

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