Fun in the sun!

Work this week has been a bit here and there, I've done a fair few half days due to a meeting and a hospital appointment. I'm normally due to work all day on a Thursday but I had the afternoon off which was brilliant because it has been gloriously sunny and hot here all day with a stunning blue sky. I'd say I sauntered out of school, but that would be the biggest lie ever; I near-enough ran (aside from the fact that I don't run!) and pegged it home as fast as I could.

Lunch consumed for both of us, we trotted off to meet a friend across town in a lovely Victoria park. I was running late and my feet were killing me already (never a good sign), so we ended up catching the bus.

The Boy has never been on a bus before and thought it hilarious. A little perplexed at first, but he soon started chatting to all the old fellas and dears, making lots of new friends.

Once we'd got to the park, The Boy and his friend, Little Miss Cheeky, had great fun racing around amongst the daisies. Little Miss Cheeky is 6 months older than him, but they adore each other; she refers to him as 'My (name)' and he just points and grins at her. She's also the youngest child of my oldest, recently reacquainted, friend which is great that we have more of an excuse to spend time together gossiping.

As you can see, Little Miss Cheeky is going to lead my boy astray in the future, but it's ok because we've already agreed that they're allowed to marry each other. I can think of worse in-laws than your best mate!

Following the hijinks in the hedgerows, The Boy and I went down to the beach where he had his first ever ice-lolly all of his own! He likes ice-cream, but everytime he's had it in the past he's squirmed and complained because of the cold. This time I bought him a mini-milk which he did manager to hold quite well, but I wolfed my cone down and popped his rapidly melting lolly into the cone which was a massive success!

We then had great fun playing 'stop, go!' on the pier making all the little old ladies coo in delight. He even investigated his shadow a little bit more.

Oh, and I got sunburn! It's April for goodness sake!

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  1. says

    that'll be why the ice cream was so neat then, it was a mini milk!
    J likes going on a bus when he goes to Nanny's – they go into town on it as they have free bus passes!
    It was really cold here today, until mid afternoon & then it went really hot – & I'd already got beef stew n dumplings cooking!

    Sounds like you had a lovely day, must be great to be near the beach

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