The Next Generation

I'm killing two birds with one stone here, I hope no-one minds?

On Friday, Tara set her theme for The Gallery:

Mother Love. Interpret it any way you choose; You as a mum, your mum, someone who you look on as a mother. Let's not restrict appreciating mothers to one day; let's make a whole week of it!

I'll admit to being a little stumped for an idea: I'd already written a post about being a mum, I was intending to do a photograph of The Boy with whatever he gave me for Mothers' Day on the day, and I have a rule of no photos of me on my blog for various reasons. Eeek! What's a mummy to do?

Then on Sunday, I was tagged in a lovely meme by Alli from Mum2Four. She had posted a photograph (for Silent Sunday) of her daughter holding a photograph of her and her mum. Alli asked me, along with a few others to do the same for her first ever meme. Bingo! There's my Gallery entry as well!

So, without further ado, here is The Boy:


If you've got a second, can you pop over and have a look at Alli's beautiful post too please?

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  1. says

    As soon as I looked at the picture I could hear him saying Nana. Then I read your comment. Funny how they can accept am adult ages like nana but not that the girl could be you. Lovely post.

  2. says

    Lovely! My little man always gets confused when he sees pics of me or daddy as kids with Nonny or Grandma (although he recognises them instantly 🙂 ) Will go and have a look at the other post too now. x

  3. WelshMum says

    How very cute you were. I had blonde hair just like that when I was growing up!! I have to get help now!!! 🙂

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