Movie Meme: 80s Classic

I'm supposed to be going to bed but not before writing this up. (My hubby will kill me, please send a rescue party!)

I'm excited because the ever-so-clever Hannah at Metal Mummy has chosen what could only be one of my top categories for her theme this week:

This week's prompt is The 80s

What’s your favourite film from this decade? Is it a comedy? A Brat-Pack? A horror? You can write about whatever film you want, no matter the genre.

Oh MetalMummy, thank you so much! I can wax lyrical about one of my all-time favourite films ever!

Do you know what it is yet?


Then you should be ashamed of yourself!

Big-city boy relocates with his divorced mother to her small-town home-town to live with her brother. He is cool, he loves music and plays it loudly from his beaten-up yellow VW Beatle. Small-town girl takes an instant liking to him in the rebellious way that only she could, surely she would never do it to wind up her preacher-daddy? Big-city boy gets on the wrong side of everyone with his loud music booming as it is 'banned' in the area, what with it being the root of all evil and responsible for the death of small-town girl's elder brother. (Now't to do with the booze then?)

Ren, for that is the name of Big-city boy, vows to provide the seniors at the High-school with a prom where they have music and can <shock, horror> dance. In order to do this, he must take on the might of preacher-daddy.

Can he win? Will they have their dance? Will Willard learn how to control his two left feet? Will SJP discover straighteners in time? Will small-town girl and preacher-daddy ever forgive each other?

Ladies and Gentleman, in order to find out you will have to watch the 1984 classic:


This is one of my favourite scenes from any film ever:


Seriously, what other song could I choose for this blog?

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  1. says

    Oh I ADORE this film…it's firmly in my 80's DVD collection.

    SJP in it too looking so much more sex and the county than sex and the city!

    "What's this I see? I thought this was a party. Let's Dance!"

    Willard is too cute and cuddly in it 🙂

  2. Jennie says

    I know I should have seen this film but I have a funny feeling that I haven't. May have to rectify that x

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