Sunday 3rd April 2011

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  1. says

    Wow that's amazing….messes with my head as I'm a little tipsy (I'm not a terrible drunk it's still Saturday here in Arizona). I take from the yellow lines not being painted on the boat of the left and the slight overlap on the railing near left corner that this is an optical illusion that's been painted. Quite stunning. (Now beginning to worry I've had more tequila than I thought and I'm the only one seeing yellow lines….)

  2. jay says

    Woah that is awesome! I'm only looking at it on my phone but this is something I would LOVE to see in real life. Great optical illusion 😀

  3. seasiderinthecity says

    That's messing with my head! Can't work out what it is at all – I'll come back later and try again!

  4. says

    I had to look twice and realised that it's a bit like the Channel 4 adds – you have to be in the 'right' spot to take this photo to see the effect. They must have been very specific where they painted and the angles, width etc.

    A bit like how they paint sponsors names on football pitches – they look weird from above.

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