When I grow up…

Kate's moved.

Well, she hasn't but Listography has this week. The lovely Mañana Mama is hosting this week and a lovely theme she has come up with too: things I want to be when I grow up.

So rewind to the age of 10, and for some reason I wanted to be a bank manager. I think I was doing well at long division sums in school and had therefore concluded that it was the only possible career.

Luckily I outgrew that when I discovered quadratic equations. Bleugh.

So here's my grown-up wish-list.

1) Own a baby-friendly tea-room. When Woolworths closed down in our local town (God, I miss Woolies. How many times have you thought "I need x, y and z. I know Woolies will have it! Ah, damn.") I was desperate to win the lottery and buy the double-width store. My plan was to sell baby/toddler toys and essentials at the front, and then at the back have a coffee-shop/baby play area with quality toys. The food would be home-made and nutritious, for both children and adults, and a full range of hot and cold coffees etc would be available. But I didn't win the lottery and it's now a Sainsbury's.

2) Teacher. Yep, check. Moving on…

That sounds harsh. I like my job but I wish I could throw the rulebook out of the window!

3) Merchandiser. Shop windows, displays, mannequins, you name it, I would love to make it look.more aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

Tying in nicely here…

4) Professional gift-wrapper. Yes, I am serious. I adore wrapping presents, for me it is a very serious event. Ribbons (I don't like those silly bows), co-ordinating paper, neat edges, barely there sellotape! Love it!

5) Traffic Warden. It irritates the  chuff out of me that some people think that they can just park where they like, especially the members of the Yacht Club in my town. Arrogant! Book them all!

I've forgotten how to do long division, does anyone ever really know?

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  1. says

    Professional gift wrapper! I like it. I too love paper and ribbons. My friend wraps presents so beautifully that you almost don't want to undo it! It is always lovely to recieve a present!

    As far as a teacher goes…I get it! Rulebook sucks!

  2. says

    Wrapping gifts is a true art – would certainly make for a wonderful grown-up vocation, I agree! Thanks for taking part, I look forward to the opening of your baby tea room (fab idea).


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