BSensible Bedsheet

I have recently been sent the B-Sensible cot-sheet to review.

This bed-sheet couldn't have come at a better time to be perfectly honest; we've just had a series of failures at night with our usual brand of nappies. Yes I know this is a review for a bed-sheet but this has a connection. The brand of nappies which has usually seen The Boy happy throughout the night from 7.30 to 6.30 has failed to work. This means that by the time we got into him in the morning, his sleepsuit, sleeping bag and cot sheet were saturated. Which also meant that the zip-off mattress cover was drenched. It was getting tedious having to get it washed and dry before his 11am nap!

The B-Sensible cot-sheet is different to normal bedding because it is a water-resistant, breathable fitted child's sheet. The cot-sheet uses 100% natural fibres which 'offer a unique combination of the most desirable properties for the comfort and care of your baby's skin.' Other features include:

  • 100% natural Tencel thermo-regulating fabric
  • The latest-generation breathable membrane naturally that is virtually undetectable.
  • Dermofresh waterproofing system
  • Naturally provides a barrier against bacteria and mites
  • Hypoallergenic clinically proven to be suitable for those with sensitive skin, eczema, asthma & rhinitis.
  • Totally eco-friendly manufacturing process.

This sheet was a marvel! During the trial and error process of finding a nappy which wasn't failing The Boy at night, we used this sheet constantly and not once did it leak through to the mattress cover! The sheet is suitable for machine washing at 90°C and can be tumble-dried. Here's the best bit for a busy working mum who irons everything: it's NON-IRON! Hurrah!

Even though we've now progressed to the point where we don't suffer with nappy leaks during the night, we are continuing to use this sheet; it is soft, smooth, comfortable and feels very fresh. We tested the white sheet, but it also comes in 24 different colours including Sky Blue, Pink, Lemon, and Arran. For children it is available in a variety of different sizes from moses basket to single sheet. There is also a range of bedding for adults.

Sleep is such an important element to the growth and development of babies and children, having it hampered by a leaking nappy is detrimental. The Boy is sleeping peacefully and comfortably thanks to the B-Sensible cot-sheet.

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    We have these on the Children's bed and on our own bed too. They are lovely to sleep on and wash and wear really well. Pleased the Boy is getting a better nights sleep now too 🙂

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    This looks like a like saver. I used one similar when needed for the children's beds.

    Funny though! I'm sure I've seen lots of TV adverts claiming a certain brand of nappy offer 'a night of golden sleep' – perhaps you should take it up with them that the boy has experienced a different colour in his sleep pattern.


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