Flashback Friday – Arabian Adventures

When hubby and I first started going out, his parents were living in the United Arab Emirates for a short time. We were lucky enough to have two trips out there to visit them and completely embraced the tourist attractions. One of the activities that we did was a 4×4 trek into the desert ending in a feast and evening of entertainment  at a 'traditional'-style Bedouin camp.

The 4×4 trek was fantastic; a whole convey of Toyotas traversing the sand-dunes at a range of angles which are not the norm! Every so often, you'd see a Toyota pull-over a middle-aged, middle-class lady lean out and vomit all over the once-pristine sand. Made me chuckle.

When we arrived at the Bedouin camp, we entered into the spirit of the Arabian adventure and rode a camel. This I nearly vomited at! They lurch up bum-end first, onto their knees, then bum up again until they're properly up. Hilarious though.

We had an amazing feast, sat on thick carpets in the desert, beside a roaring fire and belly-dancers etc. I had a henna tattoo done on my ankle which is the closest I'll get to a real one! A brilliant evening, well remembered by this photograph.

This post was put together as part of CafeBebe's carnival of flashbacks.

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  1. says

    A truly stunning picture and what a lovely memory as well. Can't say I have one of those in my memory bank! Thanks so much for joining in on #FlashbackFriday again! 😉


  2. Jenny Paulin says

    Wow what a fantastic photo that is! The colours are amazing. sounds like an amazing trip too x

    • TheBoyAndMe says

      Thanks, isn't it gorgeous? And the only editing I've done to it was to round the edges, honestly the colours were that vibrant!

  3. says

    Lovely story and an amazing photo…really stunning.

    We went on a camel in Gran Canaria along the sand dunes (first holiday abroad) I had to share a seat with my brother and my mum sat on the other side. So scary when they stand up and sit down! I clung on for dear life!

  4. says

    What wonderful colours! We are going to Dubai for ONE NIGHT as a stopover in April and I'm gutted that we'll not get to do something like this.

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