Music I Want my Children to Listen to: Barlow/Williams/Owen

Have you connected the names together yet? Yes, it's Gary, Robbie and Mark. Sorry Jason and Howard, you don't get a look in. While the latter may be doing a bit more singing nowadays, to me they will always be the tall break-dancers who make the others look good.

The reason I have specified these names rather than Take That is because I am including their combined song-writing ability with their individual work. I own every TT album (old and new), Gary's solo CDs, all of Robbie's collections (aside from the God-awful Rudebox, did anyone buy it or listen to it more than once?), and yes, I own Mark's album too. What's more I liked it. So nurgh!

So I've clumped them together for the purpose of this selection because I think they are a rather talented bunch. Between the three of them as solo artists and as a group they have:

  • sold over 100 million albums worldwide;
  • won over 20 Brit awards between them;
  • won 5 Ivor Novello awards;
  • and one of them has been voted the greatest British songwriter of all time.

So here are my favourites:

Old Take That song;

  • Everything Changes But You (cheeky and lively; love the video)

New Take That song (pre-Robbie);

  • Rule the World

New Take That song (post-Robbie);

  • Kidz

Gary Barlow solo song;

  • Open Road

Mark Owen solo song;

  • Four Minute Warning

Robbie Williams solo song;

  • I will talk and Hollywood will Listen.

The songs are good, old-fashioned, middle-of-the-road, songs with good melodies and rousing lyrics. I like them and am unashamed of it*!

(*Ok, I possibly feel the need to excuse my choice, but admit it you've got a favourite Take That song too!)

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  1. Alysonsblog says

    My name is Alyson and Im a take that fan too.. Well more specifically Robbie, he is and always was my celebrity get out of jail free card. I was sad enough to be a member of his fan club and even won tickets to a secret gig in London at. G.A.Y. It was 'intimate' tho not nearly intimate enough for me and I cried for most of it.. My name is Alyson and I am a Robbie obsessive

  2. Hannah says

    Despite my Metal Mummy facade… I have a bit of a soft spot for these lads…

    In fact, they were the very first concert I ever went to, at 9 years old and I loved every minute of it. I collected all the merch when I was younger and recently found my Take That scarf and duffle bag – How cool was I?!

    So even though I have moved on to pastures new, and the world have heavy metal has accepted me with its tattooed arms wide open, I will always have TT as my guilty pleasure.

    "Everything Changes but you…" Love it love it love it xx

  3. says

    Alas, I can only shake my head 😉 No, seriously these fellas do have some real song writing talent between them (especially Barlow) and even I can appreciate some of their perfectly crafted pop songs, errr NOT the likes of Take That and Party, more Patience and Rule the World 🙂

    Afraid I missed the whole Take That fan worship thing though – New Kids on the Block were my last boy band crush 🙂

    • TheBoyAndMe says

      I tried to be a Blockhead but couldn't really get on board. I was definitely a Thatter.

      Barlow is extremely talented though.

  4. Jennie says

    I am a HUGE Robbie fan!!!!!!! Saw him live at Roundhay Park, Leeds for my 30th. Can't wait for my children to get an appreciation of his greatness!

  5. says

    You've got a brill taste in music, lady 🙂 Love your song choices and am thrilled you didn't put A Million Love Song on your little list. To me it is the most boring Take That song ever. Sorry if I offend anyone saying this (hope Gary is no regular reader) but this song always gives me dead legs…

    • TheBoyAndMe says

      Gives you dead legs? Never heard that expression before!

      I think that 'A million love songs' is a bit trite and boring. Far more exciting songs than that. I'm sure you won't have offended Mr. Barlow.

  6. says

    Ha ha I am secretly smiling that you have ousted metal mummy on this one!
    I saw the circus tour in Manchester it was amazing. They are a bit of a background band for me, but in a good way, a nice reassuring presence in my life!

    • TheBoyAndMe says

      Jealous much! They were last in Cardiff when The Boy was a few days old, gutted I couldn't go & now I can't justify the ticket price!

  7. says

    Did you notice that the song SOS has the words 'four minute warning' in it? I know that makes me an insane fan but I only noticed because it's a great song to run to 😀 I LOVE THEM! x

  8. Johanna says

    I only have one TT album, (the most recent) but almost all of Robbie's (no, I didn't buy Rudebox either). I haven't listened to them for a while though. At the moment, the music I am inflicting on my children is: Bon Jovi, Billy Idol, Santana and Radio 2 (shows my age!)
    In return, they are insisting on listening to the High School Musical and Mamma Mia soundtracks, and Disney's Greatest Hits. I have managed to get the Rainbow Magic CD out of the car.

    I could have gone to Robbie's first ever solo concert in Woking in 1997, but for some reason I didn't. I wanted to go to Knebworth, but I was 39 weeks pregnant and didn't think it would be a good idea. Now I can't afford the time or the money to go 🙁

    • TheBoyAndMe says

      Bon Jovi is a good choice. Can't say I'd actively listen to the others but I wouldn't turn the radio off if they were on. I also wouldn't turn off HSM or MM thought either 😉

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