5 Ingredients to My Perfect Day

After having a terrible week with an ill household, Kate had been dreaming of a day without digital thermometers and sweaty dressing gowns, and therefore has come up with another corker!

What makes a perfect day? Many of the ingredients were present when we were just a couple, but are dim and distant memories now. Some of them would be boring without my little shadow to oversee the events. The first three are entirely possible if we get a decent summer! A girl can dream can't she?

  1. A lie-in: I am certain that many of us would choose this, but as parents to young children it's allowed! I'd ideally like The Boy to wake up at 8.30, chatter away to himself and then happily call us over the monitor. He'd patiently wait while we saunter in to see his happy, smiling face.
  2. A scrummy breakfast: Continental, buffet-style would be my choice here. Sat on the patio under the umbrella with the sun shining down from a brilliant blue sky and the water-feature trickling in the background.
  3. The Beach: Pop everyone into the car with all necessary equipment for fun in the sun and drive down to Rhossili on the Gower. Have a generally marvellous lunchtime and afternoon building sandcastles, splashing in the sea, flying kites, not getting sunburnt and no sand in any crevices please.
  4. Italian: Clicking the ruby slippers together and popping over to our favourite restaurant in Reading which no longer exists: Mia Beni. I would like the Tagliatelle Fiorentino (this version was cream, spinach and blue cheese), followed by coconut sorbet, and a rather stunningly gorgeous Chianti to accompany. The Boy would have been escorted home by nana, who also had ruby slippers by the way.
  5. The Theatre: click again and off to the Haymarket to view the wonder of Christine and Raoul's devotion thwarted by the evil, but desperately lonely Phantom. Final click of the ruby slippers and home to bed with a night that sees The Boy sleeping through without any teething pain.


Yes I have the song going through my head, but the Children in Need version not the Lou Reed version.

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  1. says

    That sounds like my sort of day, particularly finishing with the Phantom -that's my favourite show. I would probably just add to my day "serving Little Bean a roast dinner and her eating the whole lot with joy and satisfaction!

    If I ever get a computer again I may just do this one myself!

  2. says

    If only huh? I forgot to put the linky into my original post so have just linked you up now. Thanks for joining in. Has it made you feel better or worse?!

    • TheBoyAndMe says

      Oh yes, I did try other meals when we went there but that was my favourite! And no-one else does the coconut sorbets or pasta like it!

  3. Mammy woo says

    Ahh yes sounds heavenly!
    Im on board! Especially with the lie in, the breakfast, the italian and the theatre! I went to see phantom when i was 14 weeks pregnant in the hope of 'teaching the foetus' to appreciate the theatre before birth lol!

    It was wonderful. I hadnt seen it since i was about 10 when my parents took me. I was in tears the whole time.

    I would swap the beach out with starbucks ;o)

    lovely post.

    • TheBoyAndMe says

      Starbucks! How did I forget that?!

      You need to be cultivated into the wonder of Welsh beaches and then you'll understand my reasoning!

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