24 hours

24 hours is a variable time. I know that seems daft, but just think about it. 24 hours of labour seems to last forever; every second punctuated by yet another contraction. Yet 24 hours on a weekend absolutely flies by!

When Tara set the challenge of  a theme of 24 Hours, it was going to take some careful planning otherwise we'd end up with some wasted hours of sleep (don't you think that sleep is a waste of time?). It had to be a day in your life: "Any day… share 24 hours of your life with us."

So my 24 hours spans from 6pm on Saturday evening to 7pm on Sunday evening. Yes I know that's 25 hours, but it's called artistic license and it's my blog! The start and end location is the same: my parents' house. In between we fit in a variety of activities, some will be obvious, some you'll have to work out. Either way, it was our weekend.

And we had, in the words of The Boy, fun.

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  1. Jenny Paulin says

    I wanted to find a fancy way of showing my photos this week but got stuck! What is this wonderful app you are using?
    Lovely collection of photos you have used I can see you did indeed both have a lot of fun xx

  2. says

    I loved looking at your day. A picture tells a thousand words and none were needed.

    I'm always snapping away so would love to do this (and probably will very soon)

  3. Mammy woo says

    My god, is there anything you cant do? I know i sound like i am kissing your arse here but im serious!

    fab mummy – check
    Teacher who teaches sucessfully – check
    wife – check
    amazing friend – check
    inspiring writer – check
    beautiful photographer – check

    Seriously. I am a little jealous!

    What a great 24 hours. Looks like loads of fun.

    We did that casting thing at a month, never thought to do it again. Perhaps we will as his little feet are so cute at this size.

    lovely x

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