Children of the Past – 26th January 2011

These photographs are of my parents when they were both five years old.

I love the innocence and happiness on their faces, and the fact that they are both playing in the garden. I used to spend hours playing in the garden as a child; with my dolls acting out The Faraway Tree, pretending I was a pop-singer on the picnic table, or being tied to the cherry tree by my brothers (by my waist-length plaits no less!). I hope The Boy enjoys the outdoors as much as his family has in the past.

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  1. Jenny Paulin says

    So you found the photo? They are wonderful images, I love looking at old photos. I used to love playing outside with my brother making camps and playing on our bikes etc… Happy days. Also hope B will have as much fun outdoors too.

  2. TheMummyLife says

    I love the black and white one! so cheeky! I also love looking at old photos and seeing the difference and how the world has changed!

  3. says

    Brilliant post. Brilliant photos. I love old photos so much, for the same reasons that you've mentioned – everyone seems to look so happy and innocent in them. x

  4. says

    Lovely photos, how fab to have them! I love the pigtail bit…I got tied to a tree dangling upside down by my feet by Dave Gorman's older brothers when I was about that age!

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