Jennie Maizels Clothes Plasters – Competition

The lovely and talented author Jennie Maizels has recently launched a new product called Clothes Plasters. I have been lucky enough to receive a sample of these to review and give-away!

Clothes Plasters are effectively embroidered patches for ripped or worn areas in clothing.

The concept behind them is simple and clever, and ever so slightly retro. I remember my mum sewing on patches to my brothers' jeans or jumpers when we were young, back in the early '80s. However Jennie's concept is ideal for the modern mum, many of whom are working part/full-time and haven't got time to stitch a patch on. Clothes Plasters are designed to be ironed on! Even the worst seamstress (my sister) can manage that surely?!

In today's 'throw-away' materialistic world where children's clothes can be bought in supermarkets alongside, and at the same price as a bottle of cola, these are a must! We are encouraged to recycle packaging and to re-use our designer jute shopping bags, but think about those other wasteful areas of our lives. Children's clothing is one such area. When little Johnny falls out of the tree and rips the knee of his jeans, it's so easy to just buy another pair of jeans for £2.50, but it is wasteful and unnecessary. A patch saves you money and does its bit for the environment!

The designs on the plasters are gorgeous; they follow the same stunning illustrations as Jennie's books, and have been manufactured to a high quality. They are also fun!

Girls' Clothes Plasters

Boys' Clothes Plasters

The little boys' stickers have robots, rockets and dinosaurs, while the little girls' pack has a gorgeous fairy and a fairy cake, amongst others. I think they would enhance the clothes, rather than screaming 'my child is a clumsy oaf!' The storage tin (containing 10 plasters) is also extremely attractive and, being compact, really quite practical.

In the range are; the aforementioned tins, plus smaller packs of individual designs containing one or two 'plasters'. View the full range of Jennie Maizels Clothes Plasters here.

Individual or pair clothes plasters

I am lucky enough to have several items from this range which I am giving away in a competition. The girls' tin of Clothes Plasters (worth £9.99), a pair of swallows plasters, a pair of cactii plasters and a love-heart plaster (worth £2.99 each) are all up for grabs!

In order to enter this competition, please specify which pack of Clothes Plasters you'd like to win in the comments box below. State either the Girls Tin, or the Swallows Plasters, or the Cactti plasters, or the Loveheart Plaster.

Extra entries are available if:
–  you follow me on twitter @TheBoyandMe
– tweet "I've entered to win a @TheBoyandMe competition for Clothes Plasters at"
– subscribe to this blog (please note: this is now a different blog address to my previous one, you will need to resubscribe to this new site to qualify for an extra entry)
Competition ends 4th February 2011 at 8pm.
Open to UK entrants only.


Having done a lengthy and complicated process of working out how many entries each person had, into which draw and whether to include them into that one or this one, I have come up with the winners!

Winner of the Girls' Tin is:
Helen (@jessies_online)

Winner of the Lovehearts plaster is:
AlliMarshall (@allimarshall)

Winner of the Cactii plasters is:
louise strachan (@bobbitty666)

Winner of the Swallows plasters is:
Jayne Crammond.

Thank you to all for entering the competition and good luck for the next one!

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  1. andrea tinkler says

    what a great ides these are. I remember purposefully making a hole in the thigh of my jeans to get my mum to sew a patch on. If i am fortunate enough to win can i have the girl set please. I am following your blog and facebook and i will try to tweet.
    andrea tinkler

  2. Alli says

    What a brilliant idea, my daughter would love these as she likes to embellish her clothes!
    She'd be delighted to receive either the girls tin or lovehearts.

  3. says

    HI! Can I please have the Girl's Tin plasters! I have issues with ripping everything I own to shreds! And since most of it's second hand anyway,this would be such an ideal thing for me! Also I'm following you on twitter and I'm about to tweet about this loverly contest! I hope you get to keep some for yourself! 🙂

    p.s. I'm @tenderfootgifts

  4. TheMummyLife says

    I'd love to win the loveheart plaster 🙂 im very lovehearty with my little valentines present lol soppy mummy!!

    🙂 will retweet 🙂 xx

  5. says

    I would be happy to win any of these, and what a fantastic idea they are! Although I have a little girl, she would probably love all of he ones in the boys tin best.

  6. Hannah says

    How fab. Can I have them for me instead of my daughter?

    If I were to win, I'd love the girl tin 🙂

    – I follow you on Twitter
    – I've tweeted the comp (@metalmummy84)
    – I've subscribed to your new blog

    Hannah x

  7. Laura Baker says

    What a great idea! Having pledged not to buy any new clothes this year I may well need to invest in some for myself!x

  8. Monica says

    I would prefer the boys pack but would be happy with any!

    I have a boy and a girl and these would all be great to save their clothing or just to add character!

    M x

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