Mother Nature – 19th January 2011

Multi-Coloured Bay

This picture is taken from the aeroplane as we flew over San Francisco Bay, and the coloured areas that you can see are salt ponds. The different colours represent different stages of the desalination process. An awe-inspring sight.

This was put together for this week's gallery over at Sticky Fingers where the subject is "Mother Nature".

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  1. says

    The photo of the bay is wonderful, almost like abstract art. I have never managed to take a decent photo from a plane window- not for the want of trying!

  2. says

    The salt ponds are so interesting! I never knew they were different colours according to the stage in the process. And I can imagine that must have been quite a sight to fly over. Good representation of mother nature mixed with human intervention!

    • says

      This may sound ridiculous but I took that photo back in 2005 and it wasn't until last night that I knew what the different colours were! I always meant to find out but I kept forgetting. It is fascinating the different stages.

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