Body Parts – 12th January 2011

Golden Crown

The Boy has beautiful hair, I love tousling it with my fingers. If the old wives' tale is anything to go by, his hair is why I had such horrendous heartburn through my pregnancy. At 19 months old on the day of this Gallery post, he has had his hair cut seven times; it is thick, strong and gloriously golden-tinted.

This was put together for this week's gallery over at Sticky Fingers where the subject is "Body Parts"

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  1. says

    Love the golden hair. My two are blondies, much to my surprise. Mind you, I was blonde until about 7 and apparently OH was too, even tho he is much darker.


  1. […] We started with a haircut for The Boy. I used to cut his hair while he slept, but after the last time when I ran from the room crying after the first snip when I'd cut above his ear too short, I vowed never to do it again. We took him to the barber's that hubby uses and she did a reasonable job, plus she only took four mins. We frog-marched The Boy in and  she asked what we wanted done. I looked at her slightly increduously, highlights and some extensions I felt like saying. Clearly he is a baby, I just want a trim for his golden crown. […]

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