My Top 5 Famous Dinner Party Guests

The lovely @katetakes5 has issued the latest challenge to identify our favourite dinner party guests. (This reminds me of 'High Fidelity' – top 5 all time greats)

My Top 5 Famous Dinner Party Guests

1) Belinda Jones – I love her novels; the places she has described have inspired a number of our holiday locations over the past few years.

2) Johnny Depp – because there has to be a bit of totty at the table.

3) My husband – because I love him and would like to spend more time talking to him, not something we get a chance to do nowadays. Yes I know it says famous and I am going to break the rules and include him in this, because it's my list. And he has been retweeted (from a single tweet) 50,000 times.

4) Chris Evans – I think he is fascinating. I'm reading his first autobiography on Kindle and it is extremely insightful as to his behaviour and television personality.

I'm having a bit of difficulty with this one… so many people but it's difficult to choose. Hmm, aha, I know!

5) Sandra Bullock – because I think she's funny, lovely and sweet. I want to ask her if she did the horizontal fandango with Keanu Reeves, why she made 'All About Steve' and died her hair blonde, and I'm pretty sure that hubby fancies her.

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  1. Laura Weight says

    Ooooo fab list *still drooling at johnny depp* better make sure we have our dinners different nights so we can both have him 😉

  2. Hannah says

    Johnny seems to be a popular one for our dinner parties! He's very scrummy though.

    Perhaps he could be on the menu? I'm sure my hubby won't mind… he can have Emmy – see how thoughtful we were putting some eye candy in our lists for the other halves? x

  3. says

    A great list I have to say. And your husband definitely counts – 50,000 retweets? Must have been a good one! (I will fight you for Johnny though).

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