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I've been trying to work out how to do this post, and came across an app on Facebook that I have used to help me come up with my status updates throughout the year. Having perused them I have come to the conclusion that I post an awful lot of waffle on Facebook, probably not as much as I do on twitter, but hey no-one's making you read are they?

So here goes, this was my 2010; the vast majority of it excellent, a small proportion was mind-numbingly monotonous and some of it was heart-breaking. Here you go:

January… The Boy's first ever snow day. Yippee! I was still on maternity leave and hubby couldn't get down the road. He built a snowman for The Boy (yeah right it was for him) and we had fun!

February…is shell-shocked: it's not right to lose one of your ex-pupils at the brink of their teenage years. Rest peacefully sweet girl. One of my ex-pupils died from an asthma attack at the age of 12. I was asked to do a reading at the funeral but to be perfectly honest my hormones and emotions were still raw after The Boy and I couldn't do it. As we came out of the church, it has snowed and settled on the fir-trees and the glass carriage which carried her coffin.

MarchThe Boy is starting to walk around the furniture. I am starting to have palpatations about what needs moving or stapling down.

Aprilwould like to report that dad's operation went well. 8 hours in surgery, 3 hours in recovery, gallbladder removed and 8% of his liver. My father, who was two and a half years in remission from bowel cancer, was diagnosed with liver cancer. The prognosis was not good originally and I was devastated. Luckily he seems to be fine and is in remission again.

May…I don't want to! 13 hours and counting! Someone please knock on my door and present me with a windfall so I don't have to! I had to return to work after a year off on maternity leave. Luckily it was only for two and half days a week, and my mum has The Boy, however I was beside myself and felt so guilty. It took three weeks before I got back in the swing of things.

June… can't believe my gorgeous boy is 1 today! We had such fun with the best first birthday ever! I went all out on the Very Hungry Caterpillar them, including food from the book and 50m of bunting!

July…my clever 13 month old has just walked from the living room to the kitchen and put his tippy cup into the sink. I promise you I did not train him to do this, but he loves tidying up his drinks after him. Walking brought a whole new experience and the need for his first pair of shoes. Very cute!

August…Ah self-catering holidays; all the comfort of home but not quite, where's the black-out blind? We went on our first family holiday with The Boy and my parents to Dorset. Fabulous time but extremely stressful packing for it. (Oh and my parents moved out of my childhood home, I sobbed like a baby)

September…is going to take The Boy swimming later for the first time and is only a little apprehensive. I know, how ridiculous to wait until he was 15 months old but I was scared. Anyway hubby took the day off work and we had great fun; The Boy adored it. We really ought to go again!

October…right new phone, not a clue. However it's very lovely and pretty. I got my first smartphone, a HTC Desire. Blame that for my tweeting and blogging.

November…looking forward to seeing 'Sparks in the Park' later in Cardiff. The Boy's first firework display, he loved it but was more excited by all the fallen leaves under the trees.

Decembermy oven died on Friday. It is 6 days 'til Christmas. I am starting to panic! It was scary for a moment but, thanks to a marvellous company in Cardiff who came out and fixed it for me, we did have Christmas Day. Hurrah!

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  1. says

    What a brilliant post, a bit like a years worth of bleating (extending tweets) 2010 was a roller coaster year wasn't it! Here's looking towards 2011 providing much joy and laughter 😀

  2. says

    What a great post and a great way to look back at the year! I'm gonna try it myself! Love the bit about the oven- the first time we hosted christmas the glass in our oven door exploded and we cooked the turkey with foil covering the door- took hours!!

  3. says

    Aww! So sweet!! The boy and Oli had very much the same 2010 what with there first snow day and walking for the first time!! Such a special year! 🙂 x

  4. says

    What an amazing post! great idea!!

    It sounds like a year i am about to have apart from i am sorry for your loss on the ex pupil, poor thing bless her, and i am so glad your dad is back in remission!

    I am terrified of going back to work , am yet to take WOo swimming for the same reasons and am wondering what the hell to do for his first birthday!

    This is great. Now not only are you one of my favourite people ever, now i get to copy everything you do too! HA HA joking, but at least i know you have been there and can offer advice! i only hope i can be as useful to you!

    Great post xx

  5. @somethingblue_2 says

    Lovely post. A lot of very positive events for you in 2010. I'm terribly sorry about you ex-pupil & your Dad being ill. I'm so glad he's in remission again. Much love x

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