The question was asked on twitter the other day, 'what are your Christmas traditions?' and there were some lovely replies including one from @MostlyYummyMummy and @notesfromhome.

We haven't really started any Christmas traditions with The Boy yet, and it's very hard to say 'This is going to be a tradition from now on!' but this year I have tried. Last year was his first Christmas and, as many as you have done, we decided to give him a decoration each year so that he would have his own collection in the future. (Hope his future wife isn't OCD like me in that all decorations need to be colour coordinated, I may have to have words with her!). I have bought a copy of 'The Night Before Christmas' to read to him on Christmas Eve, not that I expect him to get much out of it this year especially as he tends to turn the page before I've finished the fifth word. We also intended to take him to a nearby Santa's Grotto but well, we've got 9 inches of snow outside and we're not going anywhere for a good few days, so The Boy will have to make do with the knowledge that Father Christmas has visited the house, albeit when he was tucked up in bed.

One tradition that I do have however, is shopping in the world's best delicatessen with my mum for the Christmas 'nice-eaties'. Wally's in Morgan Arcade is amazing! It's an old-style deli which has been going for 60+ years (in one guise or another).

The cheese counter at Wally's.

From the minute you walk in all your senses are bombarded, and it is such a pleasure! The Polish cooked meats, Hungarian salami, French charcuterie, Spanish chorizo and German hams have infused the wood of the traditional counters, floorboards and the beams from which these meats hang. Mixed with the pungent scent of the smoked, blue and speciality cheeses like Stinking Bishop, Black Thunder and Cornish Yarg and wham you think you've died and gone to aroma heaven.


Then there's the visual merchandising! There are food stuffs everywhere!

The sweet delicacies

And we're not just talking about on the shelves. You spot some Greek Delight in the distance (I don't like the lemon Turkish Delight, and the Greek version they sell is just the rose flavour) and on your way over you've got to duck under the pannettones and pandoras of every flavour (tiramisu, chocolate, amaretti, limoncello, Grand Marnier, etc) hanging from the ceiling, whilst simultaneously avoiding the baskets of pfeffernusse (white coating, milk chocolate, dark chocolate, jam filled, prune filled, etc) on the floor! It is an obstacle course that I'm happy to come last in.


Mum and I always get completely excited in the shop and end up having to do two laps incase we've missed anything! This year I was quite restrained and only spent £49.79, mum on the other hand spent a teenie-weenie bit more than that! Oops, where's the Mastercard?

These are my goodies. The thing is I just know we're going to be eating it all at the end of January!

ShowOff Showcase

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  1. says

    Oh why do you torture me so with such descriptions!! I love this kind of thing/products and as a foodie I would absolutely be in heaven in that store!!!

    We don't have any Christmas Traditions yet. We only just broke away from the family to have Christmas dinner at our own house instead of at P's parents every year as it was just too much of a rush to have the kids open their presents and tell them we had to leave and they couldn't bring anything with them as we'd have no room in the car to bring everything back!
    I want to start having music on in the morning, all the Christmas songs, I will be putting some cinnamon sticks to boil for the aroma and later mulled wine ingredients (no wine just the ingredients) to boil on as well.
    I can't really think of anything else at the moment but I'm sure as we get on I'll have a few of our own xxxx

    • says

      Then that's one tradition started, the fact that you have said 'Christmas in our own home'! I've said the same: I am done with driving 130 miles on Christmas Eve or worse, Christmas morning! We started last year, we said 'no more travelling The Boy wakes up and goes to sleep in his own bed.' Love the cinnamon idea!

  2. Alli Marshall says

    That sounds like a wonderful place to visit!
    Hope you manage to read a bit more of the book this year.
    Happy Christmas to you all x

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