Christmas Panic

Whilst in the shower this morning, random thoughts popped into my head: hubby needs to make a snowman for The Boy, what veg can I sacrifice for its nose, how do people insulate their lofts when they've got an attic conversion, I wish my nose would unblock, I'll make the Christmas cake today.

And that's where I stopped. Cold. (Even though the shower was scalding hot)

My oven died on Friday; we think it's the element. I've got a double-oven but the top one's not fan-assisted so it's not as good as the main one; never quite reaches the right temperature. So you wouldn't want to cook a cake that takes three hours plus in it, because you'd have to double that time probably. I'm also not convinced it would cook all the way through, and I'm a bit squeamish when it comes to eggs.

It's also quite small. And this is where the cold panic set in. On Saturday I have to cook a three course meal for my parents, the hubby and The Boy. Not just any meal, and no not even a Marks and Spencer meal. The Most Important Meal of the Year! And my oven doesn't work.


I would be quite calm about this but for one fact: there's six inches of snow outside and we live in Britain (ok, that's two facts). Britain freaks out in the snow. More so, Royal Mail isn't coping. What if the repairman  (who is hopefully coming tomorrow depending on whether his man-flu is better or not) has to send off for a part?! It will be sat in the sorting office next to the Glee CD for my niece (I'm so listening to that before I hand it over) and my father's 5-in-1 tape measure.

Mum & I will be ok, we're vegetarian and therefore happy with a plate of mashed potato and boiled sprouts. But I've bought meat for the men (one of my mother's sayings, my sister is also vegetarian. Family get-togethers involve some nice filo pastry thing for us and Meat for The Men. Ugg!). It's a really nice three bird roast. And then there's the roast potatoes, honey-roasted carrots and parsnips, and the stuffing. Oh and the pigs in blankets (both veggie variations and the traditional meat ones).

And my oven doesn't work!

Can you get microwaveable turkey?

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    You could always go the American route, get yourself a flame-retardant boiler suit, set a deep fryer up on the patio, and cook the hell out of your three-bird roast that way. Jamie Oliver says it's nice and crunchy, and not as fatty as you'd imagine!

    Failing that, you can borrow my oven if you like, I cooked Christmas dinner ONCE and my family did their usual and turned up two and a half hours late, so I vowed never again would I do dinner for them! We'll be doing what we do every year, imposing ourselves on my in-laws.

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    I'm visiting from me, the man, and the baby…..and so glad that I did:) I hope your oven gets fixed, the snow melts, and things go a bit smoother 🙂

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    The bit about meat for the men made me giggle! I'm the kind of doofus which actually would attempt to put a turkey in a microwave – cooking/being in the kitchen isnt one of my strong points! Hehe.. ;o) Thank you for letting me include this post in my Christmas feast! 🙂

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    I was hoping to come up with a useful and truly genius suggestion but alas the best I can offer is that at times like these to wear a pair of dark sunglasses in true HGTTG style!


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