…is anybody there?

There are a few things I really would rather avoid; spiders, nuts, frogs, her from the X-Factor that raps continuously & spoils every song (someone hand the lass a facial wipe too).

Then there are those things that I'm scared of; scorpions, the colour orange (probably best not to ask) and making a fool of myself.

So this is a very big deal for me. I'm 33 and still people's opinions of me matter a great deal. It feels like I'm standing infront of the four judges on aforementioned 'talent' show & that they are about to discover I am certainly not the next Leona Lewis.

There are so many great bloggers out there (MammyWoo, The Moiderer & More Than Just a Mother are some of my favourites) that to even try and dare to put myself out there is daunting. However, with their encouragement I am.

I'm not guaranteeing side-splitting laughs where you are reminded that you didn't do your pelvic floor exercises like everyone told you to. I'm not even suggesting heart-wrenching posts which will have you wiping your drippy nose on your already snot-encrusted sleeve (if like me you have a toddler, you will know what I mean). It's more likely to be idle ramblings to pass the time of day. I get a bit bolshy sometimes, I can be a bit opinionated, but generally I try not to offend.

I can guarantee (hopefully) the correct use of an apostrophe however.

Oh and if you ask nicely, I might explain the orange thing.

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  1. Laura Weight says

    Wwooooo welcome to the blogosphere XD now I'm reaaaalllllyyyy intrigued about the orange thing!
    Can't wait to read more πŸ™‚ xx

  2. says

    Ha despite not being listed as a favourite blog (boo!) I am your first commenter. Welcome to the world of blogging. It's fab. But always do it for you not anyone else or it could cause you some worry. Look forward to hearing about the orange thing πŸ˜‰

  3. rillarevolution says

    Followed you here from twitter. I'm a non blogger but a keen blog reader, I really admire anyone who has the nerve to do it. I look forward to reading more about you and the boy and the colour orange!

  4. Mammywoo says

    Brill!! Love it!
    What's an apostrophe? ;9)
    Reads really well, and the first chapter had me laughing! Thanks for the mention!
    Added you on my fave bar!
    Well done.
    Look forward to reading more xx

  5. Jenny Paulin says

    You are a fledgling blogster aren't you? younhave done so well in such a short time – really excellent! It's a great first post – tells it how it is just like you always do πŸ™‚ x

  6. tinuke says

    Great first post, it introduces us to so much about you without it actually being a bio.
    I have decided from the one post that I will thoroughly enjoy reading through the posts I have missed, in a non stalker kind of way : )

  7. Mummy Manda says

    You really have gone from strength to strength with your blog. Very inspiring! Now i'm also left wondering, why orange? x

  8. says

    not yet a year old, and doing so well, and its a brill piece of history for the boy to look back on in years to come. joined your link, my first post was funnily enough not a lot to do with me!! No intro – quite ignorant really….lol

  9. says

    Bolshy & opinionated? you? Never!!
    I only ever worry about my grammar when I leave comments on your posts – I even Google words to make sure I have the correct spelling & jiggle words around if I'm not sure where to put the apostrophe!!
    Now tell us about the Orange thing…..

    • TheBoyAndMe says

      I will not tell you about the orange thing, I have to have some sort of intrigue! I'm pleased that I've scared you into using apostrophes correctly.

  10. KatieB says

    So come on then missus….the orange thing??

    p.s. You're already such a fantastic, well established blogger it's hard to believe that you've only been doing it since December!!

  11. mum2four says

    I still wonder about the colour orange?!
    we started blogging about the same time but I am so in awe of your blog – it is brilliant – you are a true blogger!

  12. says

    Love this post, it is like reading a little bit of me, except I am not opposed to the colour orange. I really worry what people think, and at 29 still wonder why anyone would really want to be my friend. Anyhow, you are the reason I started blogging and you are the first person that ever gave me any support, advice and took me seriously – I was once asked if i was a troll! So thank you. x

  13. says

    I remember reading this post at the time (although sorry for not commenting!) and thinking that you were going to be a fantastic blogger. However even I am awed that in less than a year your blog has become so well established. It is truly a must-read. You clearly work hard at it but it's also obvious that you love it. I'm so very glad that MammyWoo & the others inspired and encouraged you. Long live TheBoyAndMe! x

  14. JENNIE says

    A great first post that set the tone and style that we have all come to love. I remember discovering your blog. I read the whole thing through two nights of breastfeeding. I loved it and you kept me sane in the early days of twins. Thank you. You are my inspiration x

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