Days 12 – 18 Of Project 365

12-18 of 365

(Some of these are the wrong order to fit in the collage)

12. Lego Head (The Boy is getting quite good at deciphering the LEGO instructions although he does need some guidance as they seem to miss steps often. Sunday was a quite day of playing in the house.)

13. The Big Bear (After the CBeebies Stargazing focus last week, The Boy has been passionate about stars and the constellations. I sent Mr. TBaM into the loft to retrieve my grandad's constellation globe which is around 35 years old. We spend a good half an hour examining the different 'people' in the sky.)

14.Β Astronomer (I gathered together all of the resources I could think of in the house, and set up a stargazing den for him in the corner of the dining room complete with a battery-operated orrery.)

15. Hello! (Wednesday evening, I couldn't bear to put another sleeping child photo in, no matter how cute he is asleep. This is him using the slinky as a megaphone. Because he's 4.)

16. The Boot (We bought The Boy a globe at Christmas as he often asks where some countries are, and he was eager to find out where Italy was after school on Thursday.)

17. Dusk (After a relatively mediocre day at home on my own feeling very meh, I decided that we were going down the beach after school. We togged up in wellies and waterproofs and went and enjoyed the most beautiful sunset while throwing all our energy into plopping pebbles.)

18. Mr. Fix-it (Mr. TBaM fell over cycling home from work and damaged his gear slightly, which completely fell of into the spokes causing more damage! The Boy helped him fix it this afternoon following a busy morning at a new soft-play centre.)

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  1. Kate P says

    You have such an eye for photography… I LOVE the beach shot! It's so simple, yet so magical! The focus on the bike wheel is fascinating too – especially with the boy in the background!

  2. says

    I love the fact that you can just go to the beach at the end of the day, you are very lucky! The beach shot is lovely, but I think my favourite is the bike shot with the Boy in the background, it's really effective in black and white.

  3. says

    Wow, a constellation globe. I'd love one of those. A decent globe is on my list for N's next Christmas present – we have books about different country, but I used to love my light up globe when I was a kid.

  4. says

    I love seeing the boys wonder through your lens, beautiful shots, I must remember to try some clever ones like through the bike wheel.

    I'm late tot he show but going to join in for the rest of the year.

    Mich x

  5. says

    What a lovely set!

    My boys are getting quite good at building Legos as well. They are much more mechanically minded than their mommy!

    The slinky picture made me laugh!

    I love the beach sunset. It makes me wish I lived closer to the water.

  6. says

    really beautiful photos – all of them really really lovely. i especially like the beach shot with its colours and textures and i love that you have made him an astrology den"! fab idea and why shouldnt a slinky be used as a megaphone x

  7. says

    Love your star gazing activities this week. I so want to get a globe like that for my wee man! I love traveling and well he does his fair share for a nearly 3yr old. That beach scene is worthy of a huge wall space. Goodness you have left me feeling a bit inspired for next week!

  8. says

    gosh between the globe and the stargazing he will be well educated, but isnt it great to nurture an interest. All the big names started out with just a nurtured interest.
    Hope Mr TBaM was not hurt and that his bike can be sorted.
    The beach shot is my favourite though, looks like he was having fun.

  9. says

    I love the look of complete absorption when looking at the globe.

    I seriously need to start taking them to the beach more often, we live so near but never seem to get there!

  10. says

    I was in awe of your star gazing den this week and well jel of you illuminated planets. Your boy shows so much curiosity in his world he is destined for great things.gorgeous shots as always but love the bike one.

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