Kids Stuff: Crazy Soap (Review)

Last year when I went to the MAD Blog Awards, I received a can of Crazy Soap in my goody bag, which was put to good use with The Boy during messy play sessions as the mouldable foam was great fun to make shapes with.

Crazy Soap (for those not in the know) is a bathtime product designed to make bathtimes more enjoyable for all involved while gently cleaning the skin. There are several items in the range; the original crazy soap, body paint and bath goo. The crazy soap comes in white or pastel green foam, the paint in red or blue gel-type substance, and the goo is vibrant yellow. All are paraben free.

Now while all are PH balanced formula to gently cleanse and moisturise delicate skin, unfortunately The Boy has very sensitive skin and eczema so I was unable to use the products in the bath with him, as they are intended. However, a few weeks ago it was a beautifully sunny bank holiday Monday and he had the paddling pool out, so I decided to let him have a play with the products, to see how much fun they are.

Crazy Soap

As you can see the foam is great fun, and he had a brilliant time making icebergs in the water, then clapping his hands and it flying all over mummy! He also really liked the body paint and how the colours could mix together to make purple. If there were a few more colours (green, orange, yellow?) then it would be even more fun at bathtimes. The bath goo he didn't particularly like because it was a bit too gloopy for him and he didn't like the sensation.

The full range of Crazy Soap products can be found here and are very reasonably priced and available from supermarkets. These are designed for use with children and have been formulated to be gentle and kind to skin, but I did find that his very sensitive skin couldn't cope with it. We also tend to use unfragranced products, but the gentle zest of these were a pleasant aroma on a Summer's day of garden play.

I was sent these products for the purpose of this review, my opinion is honest and unbiased.

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