Days 90-96 of Project 365

90-96 of 365

90. Rolling, rolling, rolling! (We went to Dyffryn Gardens for the National Trust Easter Egg Trail and had an absolutely marvellous time exploring the recently reopened Dyffryn House. However, the best bit of the day is that The Boy got to cross off #2 of the 50 Things: Roll down a really big hill – really big is subjective when you're only three!)

91. A-maze-ing! (Despite yesterday's beautiful weather and the hint that Spring was on its way, today was blindingly cold and dreary! We spent much of it inside chilling out after our hectic previous week and weekend, with Nanny and Grandad coming to dinner. I'd bought The Boy some new wipe-clean books from Usborne; this is a maze book and he is completely devoted to it.)

92. Spiderman (Having popped up to the local butcher we went for a walk in the main park in our town, a park which has many different 'zones' to it which provide ample play opportunities. We discovered yet another tree that needed to be climbed, although he decided to jump out of this one, rather than climb down. As it was only a foot drop, I let him off.)

93. Hello down there! (Another day, another park! Swing time took on a different angle today.)

94. Nearly there (The Boy is obsessed lately with trying to make different colours and I decided to let him loose with a colour mixing experiment. My sister would be pleased to know he just wanted to make brown – her favourite (boring!) colour – and he very almost managed it.)

95. Cookie dough (Today was dominated by The Boy having his preschool MMR booster in the afternoon, and it appears I may have been quite anxious about it as I was a grumpy mummy most of the day. I managed to summon up the inclination to make cookies with The Boy, but even that was staight from a packet and add two tablespoons of water; how lazy! Turns out that The Boy was fine with his booster, didn't even notice the injection.)

96. Where's the hole? (We returned to Dyffryn Gardens today, as I hadn't had long enough to explore the inside of the house, and get the photos I was after – I still didn't manage it today as The Boy wanted to explore the gardens. The garden rooms are plenty and full of little holes and pathways leading through into a different 'room'. Only thing was, there wasn't a hole in the hedge here, despite The Boy trying his hardest to push through. Look closely and his head had half disappeared inside. It reminded me of Tom in Tom's Midnight Garden.)

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  1. says

    it looks like the boy has had a busy week . i love the rolling down the hill and him pushing against the hedge but my favourite is him in the 'hello down there' close up shot – he just looks very happy which makes me smile . x

  2. says

    My kids love roling doen steep hills, there favourite was at Linlithgow Palace which had a loch at the bottom, but none of them ever got wet. My kids would not draw on books, even the annuals and things that had puzzles and pictures in, strange children!! Love the happy face in the b&w pic

  3. says

    Absolutely adore the photo on the swing- what a gorgeous smile. And the roll down the hill is amazing for stimulating such wonderful memories- definitely something we need to try with ours!

  4. says

    That tree is amazing! We ticked off something on the Small's 50 Things list today too. They have been discovering everything that lives in Caius's Mum's pond – luckily it means we can make it an ongoing one and see what is there all the way through the year!

  5. says

    So lovely to see The Boy enjoying outdoor play as usual. On the second row he seems to go from looking very young in the left shot to very grown up in the middle one. I think my favourite shot is the swing, his smile is beautiful.

  6. says

    ronnie was only showing me his rolling skills the other day. he laid dead straight and rolled over on his side over and over again. i asked what type of roll is that and he responded "a sausage roll mummy" he he he he

  7. says

    Isn't it silly that we worry about jabs and everything goes ok anyway..
    I've always resisted visiting Dyffryn gardens as it was developed by the coal barons. Think it's time I did visit though, as history shouldn't be forgotten, we should learn from it.

  8. says

    Love the rolling down the hill photo – such a fun thing to do. There is a big hill near us at Marwell which the kids can never resist rolling down whenever we visit! He looks so happy in the black & white photo – lovely smile!

  9. says

    Love that swing shot and hasn't the boy been busy this week? Need to check out the 50 things to do – or maybe not, I'm struggling to keep up with what I've got at the moment πŸ™‚

  10. says

    Great photos again, I love the concentration on his face doing the maze puzzle. Leo would love that too, he's got a thing about them at the moment!

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