Days 69-75 of Project 365

69-75 of 365

69: Which will win? (We went to Techniquest in Cardiff Bay for Mother's Day and had great fun exploring scientific concepts. Here The Boy is racing the bubbles through the thick gloop)

70: Going up! (When we were at Techniquestwe discovered a lovely little park in Cardiff Bay which seemed to be hardly used. We popped back on Monday to explore all the equipment and I was really impressed to see The Boy climb across a cargo net from one eight foot high tower to the other with minimal interaction. No photos of that because I was too busy watching him!)

71: Bump! (After a foul morning we went down to the local country parks for some outdoor play and to tick a few more things of our 50 Things list. We discovered that The Boy's outdoor play suit makes him zoom down the slide really fast!)

72: Special Delivery Service! (The Jenny Craig boxes are excellent for making cars!)

73: Mountaineer (Another day, another park, what can I say? Last Summer he wouldn't try this climbing wall at all)

74: Doing something funny (All dressed up in odd clothes for nursery, not too odd though or mummy's OCD can't handle it!)

75: What's your name? (We had to go into Cardiff to take my dead Samsung Galaxy S3 into the T-Mobile shop to be sent away for repair. While we were in there we wandered over to the Museum and looked at the sculptures in the nearby gardens.)


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  1. says

    i can see that last Saturday with the NT has def inspired you this week to get out and about so much!! well done especially with working too.
    I really like all your photos this week but the one of him looking at the sculptures is very sweet and i can only imagine how fast he must have zoomed down the slide to land with such a bump on the ground!! brilliant! x

  2. says

    Great selection of photo's again. Love the slide pic – great angle and it looks so 'neat' if that makes sense!! Gloopy bubbles black and white is a lovely perspective too.

  3. says

    I especially love the car! Tempted to ask our local corner shop and specialist supermarket if they have suitable boxes as H has now demanded one!

    Fabulous photos as ever.

  4. says

    I love his outdoor suit – I have parent envy. Actually, I want one for me too… do they do them big people sized?

    Great pictures, I wish I could get outside as much as you do!

  5. says

    I really need to hunt down a new park for the kids that we can walk to. The only one I know of is a bit rubbish and often full of foul-mouthed teenagers.

    I love the picture of The Boy and the statue – really cute 🙂

  6. says

    I didn't get time to comment on your photos during my last visit so have come back again! I love the way you take your shots- the playground ones are fantastic. I wish I had the eye that you have, the angels are always so perfect. The slide shot in particular reminds me of how it must look to a child- long and looming. Very clever 🙂

  7. says

    His smile in the black and white is awesome, and I love your perspective shots of the see-saw and slide. Fun!
    Thanks for linking up this week. 🙂

  8. says

    I'm so sorry. I really thought I had commented on these wonderful photos but I hadn't. We've all had colds and this week has passed by in a blink. I'm not a very good 365-er at the moment!
    I love all the outdoor photos you are featuring at the moment. My favourite is the one with the sculpture, I love how intently the boy is looking at it! Sorry again xx

  9. Me_andthe_tiny3 says

    These are really great photos I especially like postman pats van, the boy has a great imagination. The slide also looked like it was a lot of fun

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