Treetop Adventure Golf, Cardiff (Review)

We try to get out in the fresh air as much as possible, but sometimes it's not always achievable, especially if it's a little bit too fresh! We had a bank of 'go-to' entertainment venues which we frequented during inclimant weather, but as The Boy gets older, our needs have changed. We had spotted that there was a new golf course open in the centre of Cardiff, but as it was in St. David's 2 shopping centre's car park I wasn't entirely sure how it worked and what it would be like.

Treetop Adventure Golf is actually a very clever use of an area of the popular car park which was rarely used, and provides an afternoon's entertainment for all the family.

Treetop Adventure Golf 1

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Trolley Bags (Review)

I'm a bit of a fiend for reusable shopping bags, in fact my husband thinks that I haven't quite grasped the concept of them because we have so many. My problem is that some of the prettiest or quirkiest ones aren't actually functional! I also use them a lot in school for carrying books and resources back and forth, and corners get bashed.

When I was offered the opportunity to review Trolley Bags recently, I jumped at the chance. Read on and you'll soon see why!

Trolley Bags - shopping bags

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Theatre Shows Made Easy With TodayTix

It was just a few months ago at Christmas that we took The Boy to his first big theatre performance, the Lion King was on tour in the Wales Millennium Centre and we went as an extended family to see it as a treat. He was utterly captivated and ever since then I've had my eyes peeled, looking for another suitable show for him to enjoy.

A few weeks ago, we were offered the chance to watch a Saturday matinee performance of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory in the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane, London.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

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Special Appearances from Yankee Candle

It does feel sometimes like my house is just one big toy storage facility, with a wooden fortress deep in the middle of a battle; fallen knights scattered helplessly across the floor, soldiers parachuting down to rescue their troubled comrades and the pups from Paw Patrol doing their utmost to save the day in Adventure Bay. However, I do like to assert my hold over the house with a few pretty things like vases of flowers, pots of shells and Yankee Candles scattered around on the surfaces.

Yankee Candle Cotton Candy large jar

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'Don't Rock The Boat' Game (Review)

During the Summer holidays, we've played a number of board games but some of the most enjoyable games have been those which cause much laughter and giggles. Don't Rock The Boat is one of them!

Following the popular balancing items on a wobbly base philosophy, Don't Rock The Boat has a collection of pirate penguins which must be balanced on their teetering pirate ship without knocking any off. However, the valiant vessel is balanced on a treacherous wave which makes the task even harder!

Don't Rock The Boat game

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Family Meals at the Beefeater (Review)

We were recently invited to visit the newly refurbished Beefeater restaurant in Wenvoe, Cardiff; the Walston Castle. This is a restaurant that I have been to many times over the years, both as a child with my parents (a big treat!) and since having met my husband (who I remember hustling at a game of pool), so I was eager to discover the new decoration style.

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Marks & Spencer School Uniform

It's coming up to that point in the Summer holidays when, like it or not, I need to start thinking about going back to school. For me, as a teacher, this involves burying my head in the sand and building a castle on top of it. However as a parent? Let's get buying the school uniform pronto before it all runs out!

As The Boy is entering Year Two now, I've had a couple of years experience of different suppliers of school uniform and have tried most of the supermarket own brand uniforms with varying degrees of success. This past year has illustrated the cheaper uniforms shrink terribly in the tumble dryer or lose the colours quickly. I now understand why my sister invests a little more to buy uniform from Marks and Spencer.

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TomTom GO 5000 (Review)

When it comes to navigation whilst driving, I am resolutely an advocate of reading road signs and maps, using the internal compass, asking directions and working out the way to go next using all these skills. I can't tell you how many times my husband and I have rowed during a car journey because he has relied solely upon the satnav function on his phone and ignored his common sense of road signs!

So I'd make a good person to review a TomTom then wouldn't I?

Turns out, I am actually!

TomTom Go5000 1

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That Holiday Feeling with the Taste of Iberia (Review)

One of our favourite holiday destinations pre-The Boy was Barcelona, sitting on Las Ramblas in the early evening, supping a glass of sangria and muching on yummy tapas while watching the street artists trying to tempt the tourists with their wares. It was utter bliss and I couldn't have felt more relaxed with the 'on holiday' feeling if I'd tried.

As we are the proud honours of expired passports and our priorities in the early evening now consist of bathing a five year old and dealing with bedtime, authentic tapas is just a memory.

However with the beautiful sunshine this week, I wanted to resurrect that feeling and so popped to our local Lidl for some of their limited edition Iberian range.

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