Playdough Play: Storytelling With Stampers

A few months ago I spotted a set of Melissa & Doug alphabet stampers on another blog and fell in love with them. The only problem is that I can't stand stampers with ink as they just end up getting mucky, stained and the ink goes everywhere! I decided to make some scented playdough for The Boy instead to stamp onto.

 Storytelling with Stampers

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Child-Friendly Food: 6 Easy Recipes (Tuesday Tutorials)

I'm very excited to be joining the Tuesday Tutorials Pin Party team; a wonderful linky which runs every Tuesday for instruction based posts of some kind, usually crafts, recipes or learning through play opportunities. The linky opens every Tuesday where I will share posts from the previous week's linky on a chosen theme.

Tuesday Tutorials Pin Party

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Frog Friends (Recycled Bottle Craft)

We went to a wonderful craft session today where we learnt how to reuse items from the recyling bin for great craft ideas. My inner eco-warrior recycles as much as possible, but reusing and repurposing in the first place is an even better use of resources. And it's so much more fun!

We used the ends of two water bottles to make this quick and easy Frog Friend.

Bottle Buddies Frog Friends

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Beach Art

On a wonderfully sunny day a week or two back, we met some friends at our local beach for some 'seaglass hunting'. Our local beach is a great mix of lovely round pebbles and newly uncovered sand, and at low tide we even have rock pools with tiny crabs and sea anemones to marvel upon.

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Autumn Treasure Bag

Autumn is a wonderful time of year to get out and about, enjoying nature and all the treasures the season brings. During the month of September, we are forever scavenging for conkers and acorns, finding colourful leaves and spotting squirrels, with our pockets fit to bursting with the fruits of our labour.

When we were recently sent some crafting materials as part of the Bostik Bloggers' Challenge, we decided the most appropriate thing for us would be to make an Autumn Treasure Bag in order to make collecting conkers etc. easier.

Autumn Treasure Bag 1

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How To Make A Minibeast Hotel

There's one activity that The Boy has been desperate to do all Summer; make a minibeast hotel!

Last week we were playing in the garden when he spotted his old and battered wheelbarrow, went in search of a trowel, and decided that he'd had enough of waiting for me, and started doing it himself.

How To Make a Minibeast Hotel 1

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Elmer The Elephant Maths Activities (Free Downloadable)

Number bonds to ten and twenty are an important thing for infants to understand and learn. Practise, practise and more practise is the key to ensuring that children are able to remember them so that the answers just come instinctively, but worksheets and endless sums are boring and offputting.

We've recently discovered the wonders of Elmer and I thought it would be great to create our own colourful elephant using a key and sums with answers between 10 and 20.

Number bonds to 20

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