Days 1 – 8 of Project 365 (Again!)

Well that was a monumental failure at restarting Project 365 again after the school inspection had finished. I was determined that life would be back to normal, completely forgetting about the trauma of writing reports, headteacher's retirement concert and party, ensuring all books were marked and general chaos. I think I lasted another four days after the second week of the restart.

Anyway, first week of the Summer holidays and I'm doing it this time!

Days 1 - 8 of Project 365

Day 1: Off on our annual holiday to West Bay in Dorset with mum and dad. We had intended to get going first thing in the morning, but a last minute dash to the emergency dentist due to a tooth with a cavity revealed that I needed root canal surgery starting. Joy! Anyway, we got there in the end and had a fish and chips tea on the seafront in one of the 1950s style beach shelters. Embrace the British seaside people!

Day 2: We spent a relaxing day around the harbour and fishing village, playing on the beach and in the park, then crabbing in the harbour with grandad. We caught five crabs, two shrimps and a fish much to The Boy's amusement.

Day 3: We headed to Lyme Regis where the Red Arrows were supposed to be doing an air display, however the fog was there when I drew the curtains in the morning and it gradually rolled in to create a real pea-souper with 100 yard visibility. We were determined to build a sandcastle and set up on the beach only to be caught in a deluge within ten minutes, seeking refuge in our beach tent.

Day 4: Pecorama baby! It's a gorgeous pleasure gardens in Seaton where the Peco model railways are made, and exhibited. There's also a miniature steam railway with a whole bunch of steamies and diesel engines; The Boy adores it there, as do we all. I took a great photo of The Boy leaning over one of the engines with the driver discussing where the coal goes and where the whistle is; I might need to start learning about railways!

Day 5: I love this photo of him stomping up the beach, shades in hand; I think he has visions of being the new James Bond! We had been perusing the local market in the morning, and then desperately needed cooling down; easily achieved paddling in the English Channel!

Day 6: Home via a gorgeous farm shop where I spent far too much money on fresh produce, scrummy cheeses and mouthwatering savoury biscuits. They had a great cafe and outdoor play area, where The Boy practised his trapeze skills with ease!

Day 7: A very chilled day at home recovering from the journey and trying to find somewhere to put all the new purchases I was determined we had space for! We popped out for a bit to the shops before nipping down to my sister's house, it poured down all day!

Day 8: Another chilled day at home recovering, catching up on the holiday washing and playing in the garden in the Summer sunshine.

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    • TheBoyAndMe says

      I love West Bay! If you're going to the west of it, then make sure you pop to Pecorama as the boys would love it. Your week looks busy, you look so amazing in that mirror shot and I love the boys shoes. The beach photo is an absolute cracker, your youngest looks like he might be about to wet himself with excitement?!

  1. says

    Glad to see you back again! Sounds like a lovely start to the holidays, albeit with fairly typical weather! Love the photos of The Boy with the train and on the beach with his sunglasses, too cool 🙂

  2. says

    i thought you had only missed 1 week? you could have done a catch up! Anyway welcome back again LOL
    lovely holiday photos – glad you had 'mostly' good weather. The boy looks like he had a great time and i do love seeing him in the engine driver cap when he visits Pecorama x

    • TheBoyAndMe says

      I think it was a fortnight and I honestly don't think I took more than six photos in that time unfortunately, you know what I'm like for the project being true to the photo every day thingy. Anyway, this time I'm on it like a car bonnet! I think I might pull together a Flashback Friday of all of the Pecorama photos, think I've got one of exactly the same pose for every year.

  3. says

    What are you like?! Life really does get in the way of all of the fun stuff doesn't it! Glad you are back (again!). It looks like you have been enjoying the first week of the holidays, any week with chips by the seaside is a winner in my book!

  4. says

    glad you had a good time away, The Boy looks like he has been relaxed and having fun. Have to say I dont do holidays with the kids, my idea of hell.
    Ouch at the dentist, but better sorted before you went than spoiling the week.

  5. says

    Sounds like the sort of holiday that will be remembered – I have fond memories of repeated holidays to the Welsh coast as a child. West Bay is lovely too – we went there a few years ago.

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