Days 88 – 94 of Project 365

Days 88-94 of Project 365

88. The Boy decided that he'd like to play the giant Ludo that we were given by Sainsbury's as part of their Kids Get Active campaign. Unlike the giant chess he played yesterday, it actually was properly giant; the mat was 2mx2m and took up the entire free floor space of our living room. Definitely one to keep for outdoors from now on.

89. In the past week The Boy has been obsessed with doing the conga, I think it's from a birthday disco he went to a few weeks ago. Today was no exception and he made me hold onto him as he pushed the miniature trolley around Boots, singing "Come on and do the conga, LEFT/RIGHT MUMMY" to the amusement of the assistants and couple of other mums.

90. We nipped over to see my sister giving The Boy the opportunity to play doubles at Downfall with his cousins and their nephew, don't ask about the age gap – it's easier.

91. Trip to the park today where The Boy needed a lot of coaxing to have a go on many of the apparatus that he normally whizzes around, very tiring! It took a lot of effort to get him to play and he asked to go there!

92. We went down the beach and decided to make a seahorse on the sand, The Boy loves racing around playing on the beach and it is definitely my happy place!

93. Who knew that there were dinosaur footprints on our little coastline?! We went exploring, found amazing 200 million year old dinosaur footprints and did some balancing practise on beach detritus. Oh and did I mention that we found dinosaur footprints that were some of the oldest in THE WORLD?!

94. Rounders in the garden. Well, I'm not sure it's rounders, it used a baseball bat and cricket stumps. Nonetheless, he's got a much better hit than me!

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    • TheBoyAndMe says

      Love the boat photo, I'd really like to go on a canal boat for a short holiday one time.

      Thansk for linking up to Project 365.

  1. says

    I love the image I now have in my head of you both doing the conga around Boots. The beach art seahorse is brilliant too, and well done for finding dinosaur footprints.

  2. says

    I love the cousins all together, they look so grown up and full of chat together. All looks like a lovely active week with plenty of childhood play.

  3. says

    I love this week. So much fun and looks like the boy enjoys the beach as much as his mummy. The beach is definitely our happy place too. I just wish we lived closer. Maybe that needs to be our long term plan! #365

  4. says

    Loving the seahorse, and exciting about finding dinosaur fossils.

    I love ball games – can't wait for N to show and interest. That, and frisbee. A good fun way to exercise in the evenings.

  5. says

    not quite as active as the giant ludo but the teen boy and i have been playing board games together all week, its been great spending so much time together

  6. says

    Gorgeous – love the angles. How lovely to have a conga addiction. Hurrah for that beach. Keep on telling us about the footprints!

  7. says

    Looks like a nice active week has been had. Wow at the seahorse, that is amazing, well done the two of you.
    Away to read your post on dinosaur feet.
    Would love to have seen you doing the congo.

  8. says

    that is a giant Ludo!!!
    I think sometimes as much as they like the idea of going somewhere, once there they are actually tired and would probably have been as happy staying indoors!
    the conga sounds fun ha ha x

  9. says

    I would have loved to have seen you conga-ing around Boots!! My boys used to like the little trolleys that our Tesco had (a good few years ago!) They had their own list of shopping to get, keeps them busy!

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