Days 25 – 31 of Project 365

Days 25-31 of Project 365

25. Headless (Horribly rainy day, very grey and dreary, so we went to Techniquest for a little indoor science exploration and fun; thank goodness for the annual pass.)

26. First one (The start of the grey days; this week has been horrendous! I've been incredibly down with everything from school and my homelife getting to me. However I did buy The Boy a fun little reading light which he adores.)

27. Defeated (I had a terrible evening, dreadful night's sleep and this culminated in a bit of a meltdown in school the next day! I ended up going to my line manager and waving the white flag of surrender. This evening consisted of crochet and not much else.)

28. Construction site (Half day in work today which meant that I had time to set up a playdough invitation to play for The Boy after school. Although I wasn't up for much more than sitting and watching him play while I did a bit of crochet. I hate being a pathetic mummy like this.)

29. White! (SNOW! Finally! Not much though but enough to let The Boy gather a few tiny snowballs together and throw them at me. Literally 1-2mm of snow, but when you're 5.5, that's all you need.)

30. Balancing Act (After school play at the cliff top park, and the fog that descended this week, finally began to lift. Thank God, because it has been very sucky.)

31. Chilled out (A very relaxed day today, chilling around the house with homemade pizza and movie night. And tomorrow is the start of a new and better week.)


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  1. says

    Some beautiful photos here. Glad you are feeling more positive than you were during the week. Don't beat yourself up about feeling down, we all have weeks like that and it's understandable right now. Hope everyone is well x

  2. says

    Techniquest… Love it! 🙂 Do they have a mirror in front of that so the kids get to see themselves headless?
    Love your black and white snowball – fantastic shot. Leaves me wondering if you managed to duck in time? 😀
    Have a great sunday!

  3. says

    We made the most of the little snow we had too, although I think we may have had a little more as we are on quite high ground. You shouldn't run yourself down, you put a lot into motherhood. Everyone has days when they can do less and I don't think children suffer for it.

  4. says

    Sending you lots of hugs this week. Hope next week is a million times better in every respect. Glad you had some smiles in the week though, aren't kids just the bestest? 🙂

  5. says

    I am sorry you have had a rough week, I hope you feel better soon. I love that you have so many black and white shots this week and I am rather envious, I must play around to get them myself.

  6. says

    That techniques place looks like great fun – love the pic of your headless boy. I am so jealous you got a little bit of snow to play with and sorry to hear you had a rough week xxxx

  7. says

    Haha! Love the first pic! I love your crochet – I just couldn't grasp it when I tried it last year 🙁 Now listen, you are not a pathetic mummy…we are all entitled to crappy days, work tires us out and the boy is well loved and happy. You are perfectly within your right to chill out and sit back and let him play – ticking off over. Please don't hate me 😉

  8. says

    That science museum looks awesome, I was curious to read where the photo was from. Love the outdoor fun of course and my heart goes out for you on crochet day, too much not in your control floating round in your world right now, I hope things fall into place more next week.

  9. says

    I'm so sorry that you have had a tough week, and I'm also so glad that you had some snow even if it was such a small amount. The look on The boys face when he is throwing the snowball is one of the such sheer delight that only a 5 year old knows. I hope this week is better for you.

  10. says

    Sorry that this week wasn't great for you, you still got some lovely pictures!

    I love the first picture, the colours make it quite visibly striking. I love the one of The Boy balancing too, such a fantastic atmospheric sky behind him. x

  11. says

    That headless photo is brilliant.

    The crochet looks cool. I'm not sure what I expected but looks more straight forward than I'd thought – hadn't realised it was actually squares.

  12. says

    You sound like I feel at the moment, but I'm blaming mine on hormones! Love that first photo, looks like a great place to have some fun, he crochet is coming on well too, think I might have to give this a go too. Nearly forgot to link up again today – old age is setting in fast here x

  13. says

    We have a set up just like that at Techniquest at the Sciencentre in Brisbane. It rocks.
    Be kinder on yourself. We all have tough weeks. All any of us can do is our best

  14. says

    there is nothing wrong with letting him play while you watch – i do it , we all do it!!
    sorry you have had such a rubbsh week but you took some fab photos – although i prefer to see them in colour!!! (personal opinon!) the first one made me smile – what a great illusion. x
    oh and your crocheting is great!!! that will be a fab stress reliever x

  15. says

    Beautiful black and white – and I think that science puzzle will be an all-time favourite photo. Sorry to hear that it was a bad week – I do hope that the coming week is proving better already.

  16. says

    laughed at the headless pic, thats very clever. Really sorry to read you have had a bad week, maybe needing some time off, though sometimes that just gives you too much time to think.
    Yes any little bit of snow if loved by children, and his face says it all.
    Thats a strange looking crochet hook.
    Like how you have made a week of b&w to show the colour has been sucked out of your week.

    • TheBoyAndMe says

      The crochet hook has a rubber handle which is so much more comfortable to use, I was getting a sore thumb!

      And yes, that's why I did it black & white, thanks for realising. From Monday onwards I really did feel like the colour had been sucked out of everything.

  17. says

    I'm so sorry that you had a rubbish week, don't be so hard on yourself, it happens to all of us. Love your photos, as always, especially the black and white ones even though I know that the choice of colour was more influenced by mood x

  18. says

    Sorry to hear that your week hasn't been great. Onwards and upwards for you hopefully though. I love that first photo-it would be great to have somewhere like that nearer to us as my son would be in there all the time. The snowball photo is ace!

  19. says

    Even if it was a bad week for you the B&W pictures are still stunning.
    It's hard to stay strong all the time, there's nothing wrong with giving in at times. Like my Nan used to say – It's not good for you to hold it all in – Let it go!' (NOT referring to that bliddy film – THIS came first!!)

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