Days 334 – 340 of Project 365

Days 334 - 340 of Project 365

334. Golden Child (Another day spent racing around to parties and shopping etc. before heading down to see my sister. We ended up nipping to the beach first before calling into her, as I needed to blow the cobwebs away and calm down.)

335. Return of the Elf (Edward's back, and The Boy couldn't be happier!)

336. Funny Tummy (Oh how right he was. Monday's sickness settled but he continued to have stomach cramps all day which meant he wasn't able to help decorate the tree; the most he could manage was lie on the floor and be a bit weak and wobbly. I assembled the tree and put the lights on and stopped there until he had a bit more strength about him.)

337. New (Every year we buy The Boy a new decoration, building up a collection for the future. We gave him this little Welsh dragon bell which had 'Nadolig Llawen' on it. It was the first decoration to go on, and the only one that day as he still felt incredibly rotten.)

338. A Wayne (The Boy was home again today as he decided to be sick last night and I didn't want to rush him. He spent most of the day reading books, and here he is looking at the lyrics for Away in a Manger, which he then promptly sang to me beautifully.)

339. Zonked (A 3.5 hour drive to London after school/work meant that by the time we checked into the Royal Garden Hotel in Kensington, The Boy was exhausted. He soon crashed out in his double (sofa) bed with Oliver Monkey, Paddington and Edward the Elf.)

340. Mr. Claus (It's really hard to choose just one for today as we've done so much! However, I've decided to go for a photo of one of the windows of Selfridges because the theme of modern day fairytales was so magical and The Boy was captivated by every one. This photo had a waxwork of Father Christmas in it, and The Boy couldn't take his eyes away from it, waiting for him to move!)

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  1. says

    sorry to hear that he has been so poorly this week – i hope he gets it all out of his sytem now so it doesnt happen over christmas.
    i love the one of him with the lighst up his jumper and i can just imagine his face staring at the Santa in the shop window x

  2. says

    Oh dear poor boy, seems to be a huge amount of bugs going round. Love the pic of him with the lights on his tummy.
    3.5 hrs is a looonnngggg drive, rather you than me, my limit is 2 hrs of home, I refuse to go further.
    I admire how his room is always need and tidy in the pictures, my grandkids live in messy untidy pigstys ( and thats being polite!!) drives me demented

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