Days 299 – 305 of Project 365

Days 299 - 305 of Project 365

299. Fly My Pretties! (We had a wonderful day at Hendrewennol preparing for Hallowe'en, carving pumpkins, decorating cupcakes and creating our own broomstick. And of course, then The Boy had to test it out extensively. Some magic must have taken hold because I'm sure he's flying here!)

300. Secret Door (We visited my ex-colleague and good friend, taking her to see Tredegar House and Gardens. Considering she only lives 400 yards away, it amazed me that she's never been! One of the exciting things we discovered last visit, was a staircase up to a window, which had a door handle and lock on the inside of it. We decided it was an escape route for someone; isn't it great when old houses give up their secrets?)

301. Busy Bee (A quiet day playing at home, regrouping after a busy weekend and a busy half-term in school. We just had a nice day making things, reading magazines and having cuddles.)

302. Concentration (Pumpkin carving time, preparing our Hallowe'en display for the big day. I'm not quite sure when a day to remember the dead became such a big celebration, I think it's spiralled into something very different, although it does provide such fun activities for little ones.)

303. Old Friend (Finally after far too many failed attempts to catch up with Mr. CBeebies, we met him in the Wales Millennium Centre for a Save The Children reading event where we discovered he does a rather nifty Gruffalo's voice. It was great to have a big chat with him when he wasn't doing the links and presenting bits, and The Boy was over the moon to see his old friend Alex.)

304. Wrapping (We spent time together with The Boy's cousin today at a Hallowe'en party and play event. I was really chuffed to see him having a go at things that he would never have tried a few months ago; apple bobbing, pumpkin carving, biting sweets out of floor, etc. It's a real sign of him growing up. The funniest moment was seeing him wrapped up by his cousin in the mummy competition; he stood completely still and didn't move while she wrapped him up in two rolls of toilet paper.)

305. Doodler (A very slow day at home which involved tidying, testing, playing and chilling. And playing outside to get some fresh air!)

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  1. says

    What an amazing broomstick – and the boy has skills!! Love how you are mates with Alex – he always reminds of days with my boy snuggled up watching cbeebies – not that that was all we did with our time together 😉 Tredegar looks interesting – National Trust? I must make a visit to Wales to explore some NT properties, I don't think it would be too far 🙂

  2. says

    It's so lovely when they try new things they wouldn't have normally, you can see the confidence grow right in front of you. He really does look like he's flying on that broomstick!

  3. says

    Love the 'flying' shot, caught at just the right moment! Alex is really lovely isn't he? You can tell he enjoys his job and it's never too much trouble to chat to the kids. The secret door looks interesting!

  4. says

    oooohhhh a secret door and room, what a nice find. It often is amazing how "locals" never play tourist in their own town.
    It is nice as they grow and try different things, and well done for standing still while he was wrapped.
    Its nice to get some chill out time, and cuddles sound like a good pastime to me.

  5. says

    the boy on the broom! it does look like he is actually flying! great capture
    love the look of concentration on his face and the cheeky smile as his cousins attempts at mummyifying him with toilet paper!
    sounds like you have both had a wonderful week x

  6. says

    Another gorgeous week- what a multitalented boy! I remember mummy-wrapping from my childhood and it all being quite Scooby Doo related. And thank you for your comment on mine.

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