Sunday 5th October 2014

Sunday 5th October 2014

I was lucky enough to attend a photography workshop at Chapter Theatre during the week, where we were taught how to paint with light. The tutor also mentioned 'ghosting' and briefly explained how to do this. It reminded me of Tired Mummy Of Two's post where she'd tried 'ghosting' and decided to have a go as well. 

I love the movement, lighting and lines in this photograph; not bad for a first attempt.

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    I need to do more experimenting. This week I tried my hand at blurry light with moving objects. It turned out okay, but I think I need more practice. Your ghost has inspired to me to try another "new" technique.

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    Great photo – love the light and stillness mixed in with the blurriness of the people. Am going to have to read up some more on this technique and give it a go!

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    Oh my goodness I love, love, love this! Wonderful image and adore the ghost effect. I've been on a macro course for a day – have part two next weekend 🙂

    Still taking photos every day but behind with 365 posts, so sorry – really lacking in time at the moment. Need to do post for this week and post drafted for two weeks prior. Gah!

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    I feel like the non-photographer in the group now – as everyone else wants to know how you took the picture – I want to know the story behind it.


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