Days 264 – 270 of Project 365

Days 264 - 270 of Project 365

264. First Bowl (The Boy has been asking for a fortnight to go bowling as his reward chart treat, but failed to gain it at the last hurdle the weekend before. He managed it this week, and we had great fun on Sunday morning. First bowl and The Boy got a strike; what's that about?)

265. Peaceful (Sleeping Boy photos used to happen on a Wednesday, they'll now turn up on Mondays. Long day; out at 8, home at 6.)

266. And again (And Tuesdays as well, it seems. Very long day.)

267. Dragonrider (One of the local parks has wonderful wooden sculptures in it, this is one of The Boy's favourites.)

268. Peepo (Another park after school, one of my favourites this time; the clifftop park! I love standing looking over the Bristol Channel while The Boy plays, it blows the cobwebs away.)

269. Cousins (After school today we popped down to see The Boy's cousins, and then bring his 8 year old male cousin back to my mum's house for a sleepover. He hasn't been 'conker'ing yet this year, so we stopped off in our secret street so they could gather them up. I love the golden light in this photo of them both wandering off to find conkers, but when I look at it I fast-forward 12 years or so, and I can see them sloping off down the pub together.)

270. Oh boy!(After The Boy's circus skills session this morning we went into town so he could spend his birthday voucher in the Lego store, and of course we had to call into Hamley's. The Boy was excited to see a Dalek there and was brave enough to stand next to him and touch him, at which point he whipped his 'head' around and asked the 'young hu-man' if he had just touched his plunger. The Boy roared his head off! And then twenty minutes later threw up in the centre of Cardiff spectacularly. And has done all day!)

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  1. says

    Gorgeous photos- this evening we drew up our first reward chart and so your post drew me in! We saw the dalek too today! (We were after Batgirl and walked out with Playmobil!). Hope The Boy recovers quickly. x

  2. says

    Sorry to hear about The Boy being poorly and hope he is on the mend soon. Love the photo of him with his cousin. Cousins can be so special. I never had them close by as a kid and my kids finally got one close by 21 months ago. They adore her, she's like the little sister they'll never have.

  3. says

    oh i am sorry to hear that the boy is poorly – i hope he is better now?
    lovely set of photos – i love the one of him and his cousin with the light shining down on them as they chat away. that wooden dragon is awesome! x

  4. says

    oh dear at the dalek scaring him, probably was not the idea the shop had in mind. Love the strolling down the street, yes cousins are special, mine were around whenever we were at my grans as kids.
    Love the dragon, looks a great piece to play on.
    Hope the vomiting has stopped.

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