Days 201 – 207 of Project 365

Days 201 - 207 of Project 365

(Not in order this week, all in the name of making the collage work!)

201. The Imminent Splash(First day of our holidays and of course we headed straight to the beach! West Bay beach is the start of Chesil Beach and as a result there's no sand whatsoever, apart from the few tonnes they imported a few years ago, which has since been mostly washed away. The Boy donned his swimsuit and waded into the sea with Mr. TBaM, turned and smiled at me, completely unaware of the wave which was about to make sensitive areas very cold behind him! He learnt a valuable lesson this week which only men will understand about swimming in the sea!)

202. Blow The Whistle!! (We returned to our favourite day out in Dorset, Pecorama. There are wonderful gardens and play areas, but the highlight has to be the miniature steam railway which all of us love going on. This photo is specifically for Jenny!)

203. Novice Surfer (We invested in a miniature body-board when we went to Lyme Regis, and once The Boy has adjusted to the sensitive male areas and temperature of the water, we couldn't get him off it as we towed him around the shallow waters.)

204. Getting Snappy! (We managed to tick off one more of the 50 Things To Do Before You're 11&¾: #39 Go Crabbing! And then I had to deal with tears from The Boy all day long as we travelled home after our lovely break away.)

205. Chillaxing (I wish 'chill' had been the word of the day, but the temperature continued to soar reaching 29°C today. Only one thing for it; big paddling pool, and if you can't beat 'em, join 'em.)

206. Furry Friends (We're looking after the nursery school's guinea pigs for a week and The Boy is obsessed. He wanted them to sleep in his room and cried when I said 'no', and then he knelt down carefully, whispering, "Good night my friends." before heading up to bed. I foresee issues…)

207. Obsessed (Yep, pretty sure we're going to be ending up buying guinea pigs then before the Summer is out… )

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  1. says

    looks like a great break away, sometimes though it is just far to warm to be outside. Thats quite a large crab, would not like to get nipped by it. Guinea pigs make great pets, they are very handleable anf big enough not to squash easiiy like a hamster, adapt to indoors or out, dont sleep all day and happy to live same sex together as long as they are related and have done so since day 1 ( and you dont introduce the opposite sex) good luck on that argument.

  2. says

    Gorgeous photos. Looks like you had a great time at the beach! Having owned guinea pigs for just under a week, and as a completely 'non animal' person, I must say I'm converted! I love guinea pigs! I think they make a great pet 🙂

  3. says

    Ahh he looks like he really loves the beach and the water too. Made me smile about the sensitive bits, trying to visualise z going through that little discovery :). Might it be time for Guinea pigs?

  4. says

    That first shot is stunning, the sky, the water – beautiful. It looks like you had a fab break.
    Loving the paddling pool pics too, thank goodness for paddling pools!
    I would love Guinea Pigs, but the hubby isn't too taken with the idea. x

  5. says

    Beautiful photo's as usual – love the effects.
    The one of the boy pulling a funny face in the paddling pool is my fave!!

  6. says

    as soon as i saw the boy playing with those guinea pigs on IG i thought to myself you will be buying him his own before school starts again!! they are lovely little pets i had some when i was a girl, well teen!

    Thanks for the hat shot! At least he still likes wearing it.

    your holiday shots of him in the sea are fanatstic and you could not have asked for better weather! also well done on catching that many crabs x

  7. says

    You need some chickens – much more useful than guinea pigs 😉 Looks like a lovely break down on the south coast – beautiful area. I love the train man's expression!

    • TheBoyAndMe says

      Chickens would never happen, I'm egg phobic! That train attendant never, *ever* cracks a smile. He also never chats to the kiddies which makes me wonder why on Earth he does the job!

    • TheBoyAndMe says

      Guinea pig 😉 Thanks chick, it's great to look at the way the photos change throughout the year and realise nearly every one from May to end of September is outdoors!

  8. says

    When I looked at the photos my first thought was to ask if he ever wasn't smiling – then I read the post! Lovely photos of some wonderful outdoors fun again this week – the sky in the first one does look rather threatening though!

  9. says

    Oh those photos are all so lovely and summery! Are you using a different camera or new editing, they look slightly different to normal. I love the blue theme running through them, really summery.

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